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10 Best Bollywood Hindi Movie Villains of All Time

In our latest blog, we’re talking about the Bollywood Hindi movie villains who steal the show, even though…
10 Best Bollywood Hindi Movie Villains Of All Time

In our latest blog, we’re talking about the Bollywood Hindi movie villains who steal the show, even though they’re not the heroes! These bad guys are so wicked that we love to hate them. They add the perfect spice to our favorite films, making them unforgettable. Our fascination with villains might have started with fantasy movies from the West, where actors delivered brilliant performances with true evilness. But this blog focuses on Hindi movie villains who give us chills and nightmares in real life. Let’s dive in and see who cuts!

Whether you adore or despise them, we have a mix of both! From classic movies to newer ones, some well-known Bollywood villains have made quite an impact.

1. Gabbar from Sholay

10 Best Bollywood Hindi Movie Villains Of All Time

Everyone in India knows about this famous movie from 1975! Back then, Hindi cinema became popular, and this movie became a timeless classic. Even though the story might seem familiar, the characters make it unforgettable. Let’s not focus on the hero right now; Amjad Khan’s character as ‘Gabbar’ really made an impact. He scared and amazed the audience with his tough look and intimidating presence. From his leather belt scraping on the ground to his menacing mustache, he fully embraced the role and made it terrifyingly memorable!

Lots of us have heard the famous Hindi line, “Sleep, or else Gabbar will come!” while growing up. It was meant to scare us a bit, but mostly in a playful way. However, the jokes fade when you watch the movie, and you feel a real sense of danger. Gabbar was the first movie villain for many of us, introducing us to that world of bad guys in movies. If you’re wondering who the toughest villain is, it’s him.

2. Mogambo from Mr. India

10 Best Bollywood Hindi Movie Villains Of All Time

Amrish Puri will always be remembered as one of Bollywood’s favorite villains. His roles in many movies left a lasting impression. In “Mr. India,” he played Mogambo, a character that thrilled the audience. With his distinctive costume, sinister staff, throne, and loyal followers, Mogambo was truly wicked and cruel.

Even kids like us were affected by Mogambo’s character, as we often hear his famous line, “Mogambo Khush Hua.” His performance in the movie still gives us chills. Apart from Hindi films, Amrish Puri also impacted the Punjabi film industry.

3. Kancha Cheena from Agneepath 1990

10 Best Bollywood Hindi Movie Villains Of All Time

Who’s the most attractive villain in Bollywood? Well, it’s rare for villains in movies to be convincing all the way through, but Danny Denzongpa as Kancha Cheena in the 1990 film Agneepath managed to pull it off! With his sharp looks and powerful dialogues, he’s still remembered as Kancha Cheena even after almost 30 years.

Danny portrayed the role of an underworld leader in the film, earning recognition as one of the top Hindi movie villains and underworld Don characters, even surpassing SRK! The movie’s writers deserve credit for creating such a convincing portrayal of evil. Danny’s chilling dialogues added to his terrifying charm, making audiences pause and contemplate.

The movie tells the story of a young boy whose life is turned upside down by Kancha Cheena’s ruthless actions. If you’re searching for a timeless classic to watch this weekend and are ready for some emotional action scenes, this is the one for you! Consider yourself warned.

4. Kancha Cheena from Agneepath 2012

10 Best Bollywood Hindi Movie Villains Of All Time

We’re used to seeing Sanjay Dutt in heroic roles, so when he took on the terrifying character previously played by Danny Denzongpa in Agneepath, it took us all by surprise! However, Dutt’s performance didn’t disappoint. With the help of makeup and his physique, he convincingly portrayed the despicable character.

Although the 2012 remake did not feature legendary actors, Sanjay Dutt delivered a remarkable performance as one of the most terrifying villains in Hindi cinema, making us despise him completely. His portrayal of Kancha perfectly contrasted with Hrithik’s character, who sought revenge with stern innocence.

In Bollywood action movies, he’s often overlooked, but he’s one of the industry’s underrated actors. He deserves more than praise for his brilliantly portrayed roles that we can enjoy repeatedly. With his towering presence and sinister appearance (especially without eyebrows), he’s established himself as one of modern Bollywood’s most menacing villains, and we’re all here for it! And honestly, who wouldn’t be? If you’ve watched the 1990 Agneepath, the 2012 remake is worth checking out!

5. Lion from Kalicharan

10 Best Bollywood Hindi Movie Villains Of All Time

The thriller “Kalicharan” has an impeccably dressed and smooth villain named Lion. Played by Ajit Singh, this character oozes wickedness with every move. Despite his sophisticated appearance, Lion doesn’t shy away from being vicious, living up to his name. With a soft-spoken manner and an accent, he might not immediately seem sinister, but if you pay attention, you’ll see through his facade – or wait for the movie to unfold.

Dressed in suits and flashy white shoes, with a Clark Gable-style mustache, Ajit Singh is famous for playing many Hindi movie villains. His deep, baritone voice and unique Hinglish accent captivated audiences. Playing Lion was just one of his many perfectly executed roles, each showcasing his calm yet commanding presence. This iconic actor from retro Hindi cinema left a lasting impression with every character he portrayed.

6. Ranjeet from Amir Garib

10 Best Bollywood Hindi Movie Villains Of All Time

Who is the greatest Bollywood villain of all time? As women, many of us have faced catcalls and unwanted stares, a serious issue that Bollywood once depicted through a villainous character in the movie “Amir Garib. Ranjeet Bedi, known as Hindi cinema’s on-screen serial molester, played the role of ‘Ranjeet,’ a scheming and perverse villain with only bad intentions. Films in the 70s and 80s often featured a clear villain and a hero rescuing a damsel in distress. While this narrative might seem overused today, it was the main way to entertain audiences back then—and entertain they did.

With a bone-chilling grin that unsettled even the women in the audience, Ranjeet Bedi’s performances went deep, earning him lasting praise. In an era without stylists, he created a menacing look that mixed small-town street mafia style with urban wannabe accents. His characters were anything but well-behaved, cementing his place as one of the most memorable Hindi movie villains.

7. Prem from Bobby

10 Best Bollywood Hindi Movie Villains Of All Time

Remember Prem? Prem Chopra? If not, you might recall his famous line, “Prem Naam Hai Mera, Prem Chopra!” from the romantic movie genre. With a smile that immediately seemed sinister, this classic villain made a huge impact with his menacing voice. His intense dialogues set a high standard for future villains on the big screen.

Unlike TV shows, movies have only 2 to 3 hours to make an impression, so characters must stand out quickly. While TV soaps have plenty of time to attract their audience, movies are either a hit or miss. With his menacing smile, Prem Chopra outshines many other Bollywood villains in a simple yet effective way. In his case, it was a hit!

8. Diana from Ek Thi Dayan

10 Best Bollywood Hindi Movie Villains Of All Time

Bollywood’s first encounter with the evil witch theme began with the 2013 film “Ek Thi Daayan,” directed by Kannan Iyer. Previously, movies focused more on gore and gritty scenes, but this mystery/horror film changed that with its surprising ending. Celebrated actress Konkona Sen Sharma took on one of her darkest roles, playing a chilling villain. The clever name ‘Diana‘ hints at her true nature as a witch, which becomes clear as the story progresses.

You wouldn’t want to meet this blood-thirsty witch whose true terror lies in her ponytail. She represents an Indian version of the Western witch stories we’ve seen, dressed in a traditional saree with eyes that could kill. As the main character’s stepmother, her ominous presence added to the overall creepy vibe of the movie.

9. Shanaya in Raaz

10 Best Bollywood Hindi Movie Villains Of All Time

Speaking of horror movies and top Bollywood villains who scored big at the box office, we can’t forget Bipasha Basu’s character Shanaya in the 2012 “Raaz 3.” In this popular Bollywood mystery movie, Shanaya is a glamorous yet power-hungry villain who initially appears normal and seductive. However, as the film progresses, Shanaya resorts to any means, including lethal black magic, to get what she wants. The movie also stars Emraan Hashmi, Esha Gupta, and Jacqueline Fernandez.

In Vikram Bhatt’s “Raaz 3,” Bipasha Basu plays Shanaya, a character very different from her role in the first installment, where she isn’t a villain. This time, she brings manipulation, anger, self-destruction, and even black magic into the mix. For the best experience, consider bringing all three parts of the series.

10. Madhu in Phoonk

10 Best Bollywood Hindi Movie Villains Of All Time

Lastly, let’s talk about Ashwini Kalsekar in RGV’s “Phoonk,” one of the best Hindi horror movies. RGV excels at creating eerie characters, and this movie is proof. It will keep you on the edge of your seat—no kidding.

Ashwini Kalsekar is a powerhouse actor known for consistently striking performances in Marathi and Hindi cinema. Her role in “Phoonk” is no exception. The film features truly terrifying scenes, including moments where she’s seen in the car, whimpering, screaming, and wailing. In this movie, she plays a trusted colleague of the protagonist who seeks revenge by using black magic on his daughter.

With her gothic-Desi look, dressed all in black with a bold bindi, she brings a new level of scariness to Voodoo and the intense desire for control through deadly methods.

If you have favorite heroes, it’s time to pick your favorite Hindi movie villains, too!


Bollywood has seen its fair share of unforgettable villains over the years. From iconic performances by actors like Amjad Khan as Gabbar in “Sholay” to the chilling portrayal of Kancha Cheena by Sanjay Dutt in “Agneepath,” these characters have left a lasting impact on audiences. Whether it’s the menacing presence of Prem Chopra or the eerie portrayal of Ashwini Kalsekar in “Phoonk,” these villains have redefined the boundaries of evil on the silver screen. As we celebrate the diversity and depth of Hindi cinema, let’s not forget to appreciate the brilliance of these top Bollywood villains who have brought fear and thrill to our screens.


Q1: Who are considered the best Bollywood villains of all time?

Ans: The list typically includes iconic villains such as Gabbar Singh from Sholay, Mogambo from Mr. India, and Ajit Khan’s Loin in Kalicharan.

Q2: What makes a great Bollywood villain?

Ans: Great Bollywood villains are often characterized by their menacing presence, memorable dialogues, and ability to evoke fear and hatred in the audience. They are usually the antithesis of the hero and are instrumental in driving the plot forward.

Q3: Is there a specific formula for portraying a memorable Bollywood villain?

Ans: While there’s no fixed formula, memorable Bollywood villains often have complex motivations, a unique style, and a certain charisma that makes them stand out. They may also have a tragic backstory or a relatable human element that adds depth to their character.

Q4: Are there any female villains on the list?

Ans: While the list primarily features male villains, some notable female antagonists have appeared in Bollywood films, such as Bindu’s Mona in Zanjeer and Amrita Singh’s Dolly in 2 States.

Q5: Do Bollywood villains ever redeem themselves?

Ans: In some cases, Bollywood villains may undergo a redemption arc or show a change of heart towards the movie’s end. However, this is not always the case, as the film portrays many villains as irredeemably evil.

Q6: What impact have these villains had on Indian cinema?

Ans: The best Bollywood villains have left a lasting impact on Indian cinema by creating memorable moments, dialogues, and performances that audiences still celebrate today. They have also influenced the way villains are portrayed in Indian films.

Q7: Are there any modern villains who could rival the classics?

Ans: While the classic Bollywood villains hold a special place in the hearts of audiences, some modern antagonists have garnered praise for their performances, such as Ranveer Singh’s Khilji in Padmaavat and Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s Ganesh Gaitonde in Gangs of Wasseypur.

Q8: How do Bollywood villains compare to villains in other film industries?

Ans: Bollywood villains often have a larger-than-life quality and are sometimes portrayed more theatrically than villains in other film industries. However, they share similar traits regarding being formidable adversaries to the heroes and driving the story’s conflict.

Q9: What makes Gabbar Singh from “Sholay” so iconic?

Ans: Gabbar Singh, played by Amjad Khan, is considered one of the most iconic Bollywood villains due to his menacing demeanor, unforgettable dialogues, and ruthless nature. His character has become a cultural phenomenon often referenced in popular culture.

Q10: Are there any upcoming Bollywood films with promising villains?

Ans: While specific details may vary, Bollywood continuously introduces new villains with the potential to become iconic. Watch upcoming releases and performances by talented actors for potential standout antagonists.

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