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9 Best & Famous Stand-Up Comedians in India

The Indian stand-up comedy scene saw a major boost in 2015 when AIB (All India Bakchod) entered the…
10 Best &Amp; Famous Stand-Up Comedians In India

The Indian stand-up comedy scene saw a major boost in 2015 when AIB (All India Bakchod) entered the live comedy arena. They revolutionized Indian comedy, changing how people viewed humor. They also introduced the youth to live comedy, helping them see the funny side of their world. Disenchanted with TV comedy, many eagerly embraced this new form of entertainment. Now, let’s discover the best stand-up comedians in India.

A famous saying goes that a joke becomes 100 times funnier when shared with others. While we don’t have a joke for you today, we do have a list of the funniest comedians in the country who are sure to make you laugh!

1. Anubhav Singh Bassi

9 Best &Amp; Famous Stand-Up Comedians In India

When it comes to comedy, Anubhav Bassi is at the top. In another life, he could have been a lawyer or a bureaucrat, thanks to his qualifications. But luckily for us, he chose to be a comedian. Before finding his true calling in stand-up comedy, Anubhav tried his hand at many fields. Today, he has over 3.5 million subscribers on YouTube and 1.4 million followers on Instagram, making him a true star in the world of comedy.

2. Gaurav Kapoor

9 Best &Amp; Famous Stand-Up Comedians In India

Gaurav Kapoor is a stand-up comedian from Delhi who has recently become popular. At 35, he’s an emerging comic known for his funny performances and storytelling humor. His live shows attract much attention and praise, and his Instagram reels are entertaining. With almost 355K followers on social media, people love his content. So, don’t miss out—check out one of India’s best stand-up comedians, Gaurav Kapoor.

3. Aakash Gupta

9 Best &Amp; Famous Stand-Up Comedians In India

Stand-up comedy is still growing in India, but we have a lineup of talented comedians who can keep you entertained for days. Aakash Gupta is one such gem. Known for his hilarious shows, he’ll have you laughing non-stop. Don’t miss out—grab tickets for his next performance if you love live comedy. With over 1 million followers on Instagram, he’s a rising star!

4. Abhishek Upmanyu

9 Best &Amp; Famous Stand-Up Comedians In India

Abhishek Upmanyu, a renowned stand-up comedian in India, boasts 1.4 million followers on Instagram and over 4 million on YouTube. Originally from Delhi, he pursued engineering and worked at notable companies like Ranbaxy before venturing into comedy. His witty humor has earned him widespread popularity across the country.

Abhishek Upmanyu never imagined his comedy journey would take him to national and international stages. He admires Indian stand-up comics like Aditi Mittal and Vinay Sharma. His YouTube videos consistently attract over 20 million views each, showing immense support from his fans. It’s clear his audience truly loves his work as an artist.

5. Aditi Mittal

9 Best &Amp; Famous Stand-Up Comedians In India

Abhishek Upmanyu’s favorite female stand-up comedian, Aditi Mittal, is among India’s pioneers in this field. She began performing stand-up comedy when it wasn’t popular in India, breaking new ground with her satirical style that has captivated many. From being a class clown to a respected figure in Indian comedy, Aditi’s humor is known for its distinctiveness and thought-provoking nature, making her acts truly unique and memorable.

6. Kunal Kamra

9 Best &Amp; Famous Stand-Up Comedians In India

Kunal Kamra is a well-known name in the comedy world for his popular shows and acts. He stays in the spotlight by embracing publicity, which has made him quite famous. He often jokes about politicians and the government, which has stirred up controversies. Despite this, his show “Shut up ya, Kunal!” has gained a large following, particularly popular on YouTube. Kunal Kamra is widely recognized as one of India’s most controversial stand-up comedians.

7. Harsh Gujral

9 Best &Amp; Famous Stand-Up Comedians In India

Harsh Gujral isn’t just a top stand-up comedian in India but also a popular social media figure. Known for his entertaining content, he brings fresh, light, and modern humor that connects well with audiences. His relaxed storytelling style makes him a hit with fans. Next time he’s performing near you, catch his show for a fun-filled evening of laughter with your loved ones.

8. Kapil Sharma

9 Best &Amp; Famous Stand-Up Comedians In India

Don’t miss Kapil Sharma’s performances if you prefer classic comedy over modern styles. While he’s not known for regular stand-up acts, his show, “The Kapil Sharma Show,” has become immensely popular, especially among older Indian audiences, making him a household name. His humor, though sometimes crude, is undeniably hilarious, and his impeccable timing keeps viewers entertained. As a host, he’s famous for featuring celebrities and promoting their latest projects. Love him or not, Kapil Sharma rightfully earns a spot among India’s top 20 stand-up comedians.

9. Atul Khatri

9 Best &Amp; Famous Stand-Up Comedians In India

Atul is making waves with his fresh talent and strong presence, standing out among newcomers in the comedy scene. Known for his humorous tweets, engaging YouTube presence, and confident stand-up performances, Atul is a versatile figure. He’s acclaimed as one of India’s top stand-up comedians, balancing multiple roles successfully. With a background in engineering and an MBA, Atul began his career as CEO of his family business. Winning CEO’s Got Talent Season 1 highlights his ability to excel in corporate and comedy arenas.


the world of Indian stand-up comedy boasts diverse talents, each bringing their unique style and humor to audiences. From the sharp wit of Vir Das and the observational comedy of Zakir Khan to the satirical brilliance of Kunal Kamra and the energetic performances of Aditi Mittal, these comedians have carved out their niches and garnered widespread acclaim. With their ability to entertain, provoke thought, and connect with audiences on various levels, these 10 stand-up comedians continue to shape and redefine the comedy landscape in India.


Ans: These comedians are popular due to their unique styles, relatable content, observational humor, storytelling abilities, and often addressing current social issues humorously.

Q2: Where can I watch their performances?

Ans: Their performances can be found on various platforms, including YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix, as well as through live shows and tours across India and internationally.

Q3: Are there any upcoming stand-up comedians to watch out for?

Ans: Yes, India’s stand-up comedy scene is vibrant, with new talent emerging regularly. Some upcoming comedians gaining popularity include Nishant Suri, Sumukhi Suresh, Anubhav Singh Bassi, and Aakash Gupta.

Q4: How has stand-up comedy evolved in India?

Ans: Stand-up comedy in India has evolved from primarily English-speaking and urban-centric to encompassing regional languages and diverse cultural influences. It has gained mainstream acceptance and has become a significant form of entertainment.

Q5: What are some famous stand-up comedy specials by these comedians?

Ans: Each comedian has released popular stand-up specials. For example, Vir Das’s “Abroad Understanding,” Zakir Khan’s “Haq Se Single,” Kanan Gill’s “Keep It Real,” and so on. These specials are often available on streaming platforms.

Q6: How do these comedians influence Indian pop culture?

Ans: They influence Indian pop culture by addressing social issues, breaking stereotypes, and providing a platform for discussing various topics through humor. They also inspire younger generations to pursue comedy as a career.

Q7: Are there female stand-up comedians in India?

Ans: Yes, there are several talented female stand-up comedians in India, such as Aditi Mittal, Sumukhi Suresh, Neeti Palta, Kaneez Surka, and others, who have made significant contributions to the comedy scene.

Q8: What are some challenges faced by stand-up comedians in India?

Ans: Some challenges include navigating cultural sensitivities, censorship issues, finding venues for performances, and balancing creative freedom with audience expectations.

Q9: How can I support Indian stand-up comedians?

Ans: You can support them by attending their live shows, sharing their content on social media, watching their specials legally on streaming platforms, and encouraging their work within your social circles.

Q10: What are some notable achievements of these comedians?

Ans:Many of these comedians have achieved significant milestones, such as international tours, collaborations with global platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, comedy award wins, and appearances in prestigious comedy festivals worldwide.