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10 Best Fitness Blogs You Need to Follow 

Fitness blogs cover various topics related to health and wellness. Some discuss gaining muscle, while others focus on…
10 Best Fitness Blogs You Need To Follow 

Fitness blogs cover various topics related to health and wellness. Some discuss gaining muscle, while others focus on nutrition and staying healthy. The best fitness blogs have many readers interested in improving their fitness levels. Here’s a list of 12 top fitness blogs you should check out.

1. Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness

Audience: New to fitness and eager to get started? These blogs are perfect for beginners like you who are excited about improving their health and fitness levels.

Nerd Fitness was founded in 2009 by Steve Kamb to support people in living healthier lives. Steve’s goal is to assist regular folks in losing weight, building muscle, and becoming stronger.

The blog section of the Nerd Fitness website is especially geared towards beginners. Just one article will help you understand who they’re trying to help. It’s all about starting out, supporting beginners, and taking the first step towards a healthier lifestyle. Nerd Fitness has also launched its Nerd Fitness Coaching app, making it easier for users to access the blog from anywhere.

2. Fit Bottomed Girls

Fit Bottomed Girls - Youtube

Audience: Exploring different ways to stay healthy and practicing mindful exercises.

Fitness experts Jennipher Walters and Kristen Seymour run Fit Bottomed World. They started Fit Bottomed Girls in 2008, aiming for a fresh take on health and fitness that didn’t involve dieting. Since then, the blog has expanded into other areas, like Fit Bottomed Mammas, the Fit Bottomed Girls Podcast, and the online course Love Your Body. Love Your Life. Their blog was born from a need for a new approach to staying healthy. Readers quickly connected with the content shortly after its launch.

3. Born Fitness 

10 Best Fitness Blogs You Need To Follow 

Audience: Straightforward fitness lovers

Born Fitness is a popular hub for health and fitness tips. Its focus is on making health, fitness, and nutrition-less stressful. Its style is simple and informative, avoiding hype. Adam Bornstein, the founder, collaborates with top fitness experts to provide clear answers. Born Fitness offers straightforward solutions without confusing jargon. It’s perfect for anyone seeking expert advice in an easy-to-understand format.

4. Love Sweat Fitness

10 Best Fitness Blogs You Need To Follow 

Audience: People who love community and promote body positivity

In 2014, Katie Dunlop created Love Sweat Fitness because she loves fitness and wants to assist women. What sets Love Sweat Fitness apart is its focus on building a community. Katie wants to create friendships and a strong community to help people with their health and fitness journeys. The blog covers fitness, food, healthy living, travel, and printable resources. With loads of tasty recipes, workout challenges, and even an app, Love Sweat Fitness makes getting fit a group effort.

5. Breaking Muscle

About Us - Breaking Muscle

Audience: People who are passionate about science-based fitness and bodybuilding

Breaking Muscle offers top-notch fitness content supported by science. It’s a well-respected source in the fitness community, attracting consumers, pros, and enthusiasts. They cater to trainers, coaches, and regular folks with clear sections. The blog covers reviews, videos, workouts, articles, and product suggestions. It’s particularly helpful for bodybuilders, offering muscle growth and bodybuilding tips.

6. Jessi Kneeland 

10 Best Fitness Blogs You Need To Follow 

Audience: Promoting a positive body image and mental health

Jessi’s blog is a favorite of mine. She’s a coach, writer, and speaker passionate about helping people overcome body insecurities and embrace self-love. Her blog addresses important issues, making it popular. Jessi uses written posts and videos to discuss topics like body image, confidence, and self-acceptance. Her blog motivates beginners to kickstart their health and fitness journeys.

7. Glofox

10 Best Fitness Blogs You Need To Follow 

Audience: Owners of fitness businesses

We’re confident in the value we offer—you’re here reading our blog.

Our blog is all about aiding fitness entrepreneurs in boosting their success and spending more time where it matters—on the studio floor, not behind a desk. We frequently share tips on growing your business, guides for selecting the right fitness software, and inspiring interviews with our customers and their fitness achievements.

If you’re starting a fitness business, we have all the essentials to help you get going.

8. Trainerize

Download 2 1

Audience: Fitness founders, fans, and those leading the way in trends

Trainerize is a super popular fitness app, and its blog shows why. Whether you’re a personal trainer, a health coach, or love fitness, this blog is packed with useful info. From detailed meal plans to tips for starting your own business, it’s a fantastic resource for everything fitness.

9. Bad Yogi 

Bad Yogi Studio

Audience: Yoga lovers who aren’t fans of wheatgrass shots

The Bad Yogi blog is part of a bigger website offering a 12-week online yoga program and clothing. The founders started the blog and site because they noticed the yoga world could be exclusive and judgmental. Bad Yogi wants to change that by redefining yoga culture. The blog covers yoga, fitness, food, recipes, and topics like motherhood. They emphasize self-care and healthy living in their articles.

10. Keep it SimpELLE

10 Best Fitness Blogs You Need To Follow 

Audience: Fitness experts and people aiming to start their businesses in the fitness industry

Elle Linton, a UK health and fitness blogger, and the brains behind Keep it SimpELLE, shares valuable insights into the health and fitness scene. Her content isn’t just for regular consumers; it’s for those curious about what happens behind the scenes in the fitness industry. Elle covers topics like taxes for personal trainers and offers home workout routines. Whether you’re interested in fitness careers or want to improve your workouts, her blog has something for you.


These top 10 fitness blogs offer a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for anyone looking to improve their health and wellness. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, following these blogs can provide valuable tips, workouts, and motivation to help you reach your goals. Following these must-read fitness blogs, stay updated with the latest trends and expert advice.


Q1: Why should I follow fitness blogs?

Ans: Fitness blogs provide valuable tips, workouts, and motivation to help you improve your health and wellness journey.

Q2: Are these blogs suitable for beginners?

Ans: Yes, these blogs cater to a wide range of audiences, including beginners, with helpful content tailored to different fitness levels.

Q3: Can I find workout routines on these blogs?

Ans: Absolutely! These blogs offer a variety of workout routines, from beginner-friendly to advanced, covering different fitness goals and preferences.

Q4: Do these blogs cover nutrition and diet tips?

Ans: Yes, many of these blogs include nutrition and diet-related content, offering healthy recipes, meal plans, and nutritional advice to complement your fitness journey.

Q5: Are there resources for specific fitness goals, like weight loss or muscle building?

Ans: Yes, these blogs address various fitness goals, including weight loss, muscle building, flexibility, endurance, and overall wellness, providing tailored advice and strategies.

Ans: Many of these blogs feature contributions from fitness experts, trainers, nutritionists, and other professionals in the health and wellness industry, offering diverse perspectives and insights.

Q7: Can I find reviews of fitness products and equipment on these blogs?

Ans: Yes, some of these blogs include reviews of fitness products, equipment, apps, and gadgets, helping you make informed decisions about your fitness investments.

Q8: Do these blogs offer advice for overcoming common fitness challenges?

Ans: Absolutely! These blogs often address common fitness challenges, such as motivation, plateaus, injury prevention, and time management, offering practical solutions and support.

Q9: Are there community features or forums available on these blogs?

Ans: Some blogs may offer community features, such as forums, social media groups, or online communities, where readers can connect, share experiences, and support each other in their fitness journeys.

Q10: How can I stay updated with new content from these blogs?

Ans: You can stay updated with new content from these blogs by subscribing to their newsletters, following them on social media, or bookmarking their websites for regular visits.