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10 Best Gardening Blogs You Should Follow

If you enjoy gardening, you probably follow many gardening blogs to stay updated with the latest news, pick…
10 Best Gardening Blogs You Should Follow

If you enjoy gardening, you probably follow many gardening blogs to stay updated with the latest news, pick up new tips, and get inspired for your garden projects.

There’s no shortage of gardening blogs online, and there are many to choose from. In this post, we’ve rounded up our top 10 gardening blogs and explained why we like them. Whether you’re into growing veggies, gardening in the city, or cultivating flower beds, these blogs cover everything from basic tips to advanced techniques, trendy gardening ideas, and solutions to common issues. So, even when you can’t be out in the garden, you’ll have plenty of interesting reads to enjoy.

1. The Wiliam James & Co Gardeners Blog

Wm James Logo

William James & Co is a UK company that sells garden supplies. Their blog contains helpful tips about growing fruits, veggies, and other edible plants.

In a recent post, they suggested great gifts for people with allotments, while another discussed what to plant in a polytunnel.

The company has been around since 1954 and is the UK’s top supplier of fruit cages. Their website has lots of useful information to help you grow the best veggies, no matter how much space you have. And don’t forget to sign up for their newsletter when you check out their blog posts!

2. The Middle-Sized Garden

10 Best Gardening Blogs You Should Follow

If you have a garden that’s not too big or too small, The Middle-Sized Garden blog is perfect! It’s one of the best gardening blogs because it offers practical advice for gardeners with mid-sized spaces.

They organize their content into categories like ‘container gardening’ and ‘grow your own’, making finding what you’re looking for simple. Plus, their posts are short, easy to read, and filled with useful tips.

3. Vertical Veg

10 Best Gardening Blogs You Should Follow

Vertical Veg is a top spot for getting awesome info if you want to grow veggies but don’t have much space. They focus on growing food in small areas like containers, and it’s one of our top picks for gardening blogs.

Their blog covers a wide range of topics suitable for all types of gardeners, whether you’re just starting or a seasoned pro. One of their posts talks about how garden writer Mark Ridsdill Smith grew £900 worth of veggies on his balcony garden – super inspiring for anyone gardening at home!

Mark’s blog is about vegetable gardening, and he’s full of ideas for growing healthy food in small spaces like balconies, rooftops, and windowsills. He also shares tips on growing flowers, so it’s a great mix of gardening content for expanding your knowledge and getting creative with your garden ideas.

4. Gardener’s World

10 Best Gardening Blogs You Should Follow

Gardener’s World is a well-known brand among UK and worldwide gardeners. In addition to its magazine, Gardener’s World has a website with helpful articles featuring tips, advice, and expert interviews.

One of the most popular series on their website is their list of gardening tasks, organized by month. It’s a great resource to keep handy, especially during the slower-growing seasons when you might need inspiration.

They don’t just talk about plants, though. Gardener’s World also shares important tips for attracting and supporting garden wildlife like bugs and birds and provides insights into pest control. It’s a treasure trove of gardening information for beginners and seasoned gardeners!

5. Grow Veg

10 Best Gardening Blogs You Should Follow

Grow Veg combines gardening with technology through its Garden Planner app. This app lets you map out your entire garden, including beds, planters, and equipment like fruit cages. It helps you plan everything before you even start digging and is handy for keeping track of crop rotations.

Their gardening blog covers many topics, from quick and easy tips to detailed guides and videos. It’s a fantastic resource to discover new gardening advice from writers worldwide. We recommend giving it a look!

6. The Blooming Garden

10 Best Gardening Blogs You Should Follow

We also recommend The Blooming Garden, a top gardening blog with posts dating back to November 2013. We enjoy this blog because Chloris shares her thoughts and ideas from her garden in Suffolk, taking us along on her gardening adventures.

We like a post on our favorite gardening blog that discusses some great gardening books you can borrow or buy. From “Visions of Roses” by Peter Beales to “Adventures of a Gardener” by Peter Smithers, these book reviews will likely help you discover a new book to enjoy, along with many other fantastic gardening blog posts!

7. Off The Edge Gardening

168 1687631 The Impatient Gardener Floral Design Hd Png Download

Off The Edge Gardening, run by Gill Heavens, is a fantastic lifestyle and gardening blog based in the UK. It started in 2014 under the name ‘On The Edge Gardening’ but later changed to Off The Edge Gardening, giving the blog a fresh direction.

Gill shares many stunning photos of her garden to spark ideas for your gardening projects. It’s not your typical ‘how-to’ gardening blog, making it a great choice for those who enjoy a bit of personality in their gardening content.

8. The Frustrated Gardener

10 Best Gardening Blogs You Should Follow

Meet Dan, also known as The Frustrated Gardener. He’s frustrated because there aren’t enough hours in the day to complete all the gardening tasks he wants to do! But despite the frustration, his blog is a goldmine of gardening tips, beautiful pictures, and updates from his visits to gardens nationwide.

Dan has even been featured on Gardener’s World and started a cool new initiative focused on gardening projects. His posts cover various topics, like container gardening and creative ways to use pumpkins in your garden. We’re excited to see what Dan has in store for us next!

9. Green Tapestry

Asf - Revision 1916787: /Tapestry/Tapestry-Logo

The Green Tapestry is one of this list’s oldest and most knowledgeable gardening blogs. It’s been sharing helpful posts since 2005! Lately, we’ve enjoyed their “Week of Flowers” series, which adds color and beauty to our feeds.

The blog’s owner, Anna, also shares insights into her garden and gardening process. This is great because it helps us discover new methods and handy tips. The blog is updated regularly, so watch it this year for more great content.

10. Jane Perrone

Indoor Plant Tour And Styling Tips // Suburban Oasis Dec 2021 - Youtube

Jane Perrone’s gardening blog is the last one on our list. It’s packed with various content, including blog posts, videos, and podcasts. With so much to explore, Jane’s blog has earned its spot in our top 10 list.

Jane also wrote a book called “Legends of the Leaf.” It celebrates 25 of her favorite houseplants, delving into their history and providing tips on how to care for them for optimal results.


In conclusion, these ten gardening blogs offer knowledge, inspiration, and practical tips for gardeners of all levels. Whether you’re looking for advice on growing fruits and vegetables in small spaces, exploring the beauty of different flowers, or learning about the history and care of houseplants, these blogs have something for everyone. Each blog brings a unique perspective and valuable insights into the gardening world, from practical how-to guides to personal gardening journeys. So, if you’re passionate about plants and eager to expand your gardening know-how, follow these ten best gardening blogs!


Q1: What makes these gardening blogs stand out?

Ans: These gardening blogs offer a diverse range of content, including practical tips, inspirational ideas, and personal insights from experienced gardeners.

Q2: Are these blogs suitable for beginners?

Ans: Many blogs cater to gardeners of all levels, including beginners. They provide easy-to-follow guides and helpful advice for those just starting.

Q3: Can I find archives of past content on these blogs?

Ans: Most of these gardening blogs have archives to access past content. This is helpful for readers who want to explore previous articles, tips, and guides.

Q4: Are these blogs suitable for gardeners in specific regions or climates?

Ans: While some gardening blogs may focus on specific regions or climates, many on this list offer universal advice that can be applied to various environments. However, considering your local climate and growing conditions is always a good idea when implementing gardening tips.

Q5: Do these blogs offer tips for sustainable or eco-friendly gardening practices?

Ans: Yes, sustainability and eco-friendly gardening practices are often discussed in these blogs. You can find tips on composting, water conservation, natural pest control, and other environmentally friendly techniques.

Q6: Are there opportunities for guest contributions or collaborations on these blogs?

Ans: Some of these gardening blogs may accept guest contributions or collaborate with other gardeners, writers, or experts in the field. This can provide readers with diverse perspectives and insights.

Q7: Do these blogs have a community of readers or subscribers?

Ans: Yes, many of these gardening blogs have a dedicated community of readers and subscribers who engage with the content, share their own experiences, and offer advice and support to fellow gardeners.

Q8: Can I find practical solutions to common gardening problems on these blogs?

Ans: Absolutely! These blogs often address common gardening problems and provide practical solutions and troubleshooting tips. You’ll likely find helpful advice when dealing with pests, diseases, or soil issues.

Q9: Are there opportunities to learn about niche gardening topics on these blogs?

Ans: Yes, these blogs cover a wide range of gardening topics, including niche subjects like heirloom gardening, bonsai, permaculture, and more. This allows readers to explore different aspects of gardening and discover new interests.

Q10: Do these blogs offer inspiration for garden design and landscaping?

Ans: Yes, many of these blogs feature articles, photos, and ideas for garden design, landscaping, and outdoor living spaces. Whether looking for modern, traditional, or eclectic designs, you can find inspiration to suit your taste.

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