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10 Best Lifestyle Blogs to Model for Success in 2024

Searching for top lifestyle blogs to spark inspiration in your life? Interested in launching your lifestyle blog but…
10 Best Lifestyle Blogs To Model For Success In 2024

Searching for top lifestyle blogs to spark inspiration in your life? Interested in launching your lifestyle blog but unsure where to start?

Perhaps you’re eager to share your passions and stories but feeling overwhelmed by the uncertainties of starting up, like:

  • How to create a lifestyle blog (or begin any blog, really)
  • How to grow an audience of raving fans, or
  • How to make money with a blog

Sure! Here’s a simplified and SEO-friendly version:

“The world of lifestyle blogs is vast, but only a handful truly stand out. Successful lifestyle bloggers have strategies that keep their audience interested and involved.

To help you succeed, we’ve gathered a collection of top-notch lifestyle blogs that can inspire and guide you. But before we dive in, let’s clarify what a lifestyle blog is.”

1. Wit & Delight

Lifestyle Blogs Wit &Amp; Delight Homepage

Here’s a simplified and SEO-friendly version:

“Wit & Delight’s tagline, ‘Designing a life well-lived,’ sums up the diverse topics covered on this popular lifestyle blog.

Since 2014, blogger Kate Arends has transformed it into a go-to resource for women. It offers guidance on self-discovery and living the life they want.”

  • Audience: Women navigating different life stages
  • Topics: Home decor, clothing, staying healthy, family and raising children, vacations and fun activities, jobs, looking good, cooking and hosting parties
  • Monetization: Earning money through promoting products, getting paid to endorse products, creating your own brand items, teaching classes, giving advice

2. The Skinny Confidential

10 Best Lifestyle Blogs To Model For Success In 2024

The Skinny Confidential, a popular women’s lifestyle blog, explores topics other than typical beauty and health to educate and entertain its followers.

Blogger Lauryn Evars Bosstick isn’t afraid to discuss topics that some might find taboo, like grooming tips, handling hangovers, and talking to your children about sensitive subjects.

  • Audience: Women looking for honest beauty and relationship tips.
  • Topics: Beauty, Exercise, Authenticity (Parenting & Relationships)
  • Monetization is the earning from promoting products, books, classes, sponsored products, brand items, and apps.

3. Julia Berolzheimer (Gal Meets Glam)

10 Best Lifestyle Blogs To Model For Success In 2024

Julia Berolzheimer launched her fashion blog and business a decade ago while still in college.

Last year, she changed from creating her Gal Meets Glam dress line to selecting feminine fashion pieces.

Many women feel inspired by Julia’s “Daily Looks” collection, which showcases her timeless style through beautifully captured photographs.

  • Audience: Women looking for timeless and feminine fashion styles.
  • Topics: Clothing, Makeup, Home Decor, Travel
  • Monetization: Earning through promoting products, partnering with brands, sponsorship

4. A Cup of Jo

A Cup Of Jo - Apartment One A Cup Of Jo - Apartment One

Joanna Goddard, a former print and blog editor, transitioned her hobby into a full-time blog where she shares content for women.

A Cup of Jo was among the earliest “mom blogs” to openly discuss postpartum depression. The blog’s success is built on open and honest conversations with its dedicated community.

  • Audience: Ladies
  • Topics: Fashion, Cooking, Decor, Trips, Love, Parenting
  • Monetization: Earning from promoting products, partnering with brands, showing ads

5. A Beautiful Mess

Lifestyle Blogs A Beautiful Mess Homepage

Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman, sisters behind A Beautiful Mess blog, encourage followers to get creative at home with crafting and decorating ideas.

In addition to DIY projects, they share recipes, discuss family life, and explore hairstyles, beauty tricks, and fashion trends. It’s all about sisterly inspiration!

  • Audience: Artistic ladies
  • Topics: Crafting, Home Decoration, Cooking, Fashion & Makeup, Blogging & Lifestyle Tips
  • Monetization: Earning from promoting products, teaching classes, selling books, running an online store, partnering with brands, showing ads, and using photo-editing apps.

6. Amber Fillerup Clark (Barefoot Blonde)

10 Best Lifestyle Blogs To Model For Success In 2024

Amber Fillerup Clark’s beauty blog provides tips on glamour, self-care, and hairstyling, along with insights into her family life and travel adventures.

Followers love Amber’s uplifting beauty advice and highly sought-after hair styling tutorials on her Instagram.

  • Audience: Ladies, moms, and adventure seekers
  • Topics: Parenting, Beauty & Haircare, Clothing, Interior Design, Wellness, Trips
  • Monetization: Earning from promoting products, selling branded hair items, partnering with brands

7. The Blonde Abroad

10 Best Lifestyle Blogs To Model For Success In 2024

Travel influencer Kiersten Rich, also known as Kiki, shares numerous destination reviews on her popular travel blog, The Blonde Abroad.

Her goal is to empower women to explore the world, but even those who prefer staying at home are drawn to Kiki’s adventures and helpful travel tips.

Her website’s special “Start Here” guide walks you through planning, packing, and getting ready for your journey. Brilliant!

  • Audience: Ladies who love to explore
  • Topics: Trips, Picture-Taking
  • Monetization: Earning from promoting products, partnering with brands, showing ads

8. Cupcakes and Cashmere

10 Best Lifestyle Blogs To Model For Success In 2024

Emily Schuman’s blog, Cupcakes and Cashmere, has grown from her “Favorite Things” blog in 2008 to a successful lifestyle blog and online store focusing on women’s fashion, beauty, and interests.

The blog covers relatable topics for millennials, like comfy clothes, baking, and family travel, fostering a supportive community where readers feel like they’re chatting with friends.

  • Audience: Young women
  • Topics: Clothing, Trips, Eating, Makeup, Home Styling
  • Monetization: Earning through promoting products, partnering with brands, selling online, showing ads, offering advice, writing books

9. The Progress Company

10 Best Lifestyle Blogs To Model For Success In 2024

Emma Norris understands the importance of being productive while accepting that perfection isn’t achievable.

Her blog, A Girl in Progress, is aimed at millennial women who embrace their imperfections.

Through blog posts, coaching sessions, events, and online communities, A Girl in Progress helps followers reach their goals, improve their productivity, and stay accountable.

  • Audience: Young adults are looking for advice on personal development.
  • Topics: Understanding Yourself, Work, Appearance, Connections
  • Monetization: Earning from promoting products, partnering with brands, subscriptions, coaching in groups, teaching classes, writing books

10. Luxe Digital

10 Best Lifestyle Blogs To Model For Success In 2024

Luxe Digital takes lifestyle blogging to a classy, gourmet level.

This online magazine aims to redefine luxury and challenge traditional ideas.

In the business section, you’ll find inspiring and empowering insights from experts in the luxury industry.

Posts about luxury brand collaborations give you a glimpse into the lavish lifestyle and make you crave indulgence.

  • Audience: Driven people and wealthy shoppers
  • Topics: Work, Living
  • Monetization: Earning from promoting products, partnering with brands, showing ads


In conclusion, these ten lifestyle blogs offer a wealth of inspiration and guidance for those seeking to model success in 2024. Each blog brings a unique perspective and valuable insights from wellness and personal development to fashion and travel. Whether you want to enhance your productivity, cultivate a positive mindset, or stay up-to-date with the latest trends, these blogs have you covered. By incorporating the lessons and strategies these influential bloggers share into your life, you’ll be well-equipped to thrive and achieve your goals in the year ahead.


Q1: What criteria were used to select the 10 best lifestyle blogs for success in 2024?

Ans: The blogs were selected based on their quality of content, relevance to current lifestyle trends, popularity, and influence within their respective niches.

Q2: Can these lifestyle blogs help with specific goals like fitness or career advancement?

Ans: Absolutely! Many blogs cover various topics, including fitness, career advice, personal finance, and more, offering valuable insights and tips to help you achieve your goals.

Q3: Are these blogs suitable for all ages and demographics?

Ans: While the target audience may vary slightly from blog to blog, most offer applicable and valuable content to various ages and demographics.

Q4: How frequently are these lifestyle blogs updated?

Ans: The frequency of updates varies from blog to blog, but most of them strive to provide regular content updates, whether daily, weekly, or monthly, to keep their readers engaged and informed.

Q5: Are these lifestyle blogs free to access?

Ans: Most of these blogs offer free access to their content, although some may offer premium features or content behind a paywall.

Q6: Can I interact with the bloggers or other readers on these lifestyle blogs?

Ans: Many blogs have active communities where readers can interact with the bloggers and other readers through comments, forums, social media, and even live events or meetups.

Ans: Absolutely! Many bloggers frequently share their favorite tools, resources, books, apps, and products that they find helpful in various aspects of life, from productivity to self-care.

Q8: How can I stay updated with new content from these lifestyle blogs?

Ans: You can stay updated by subscribing to their newsletters, following them on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, or using RSS feeds if available. Some bloggers also offer notifications or alerts for new posts.

Q9: Can I contribute content or ideas to these lifestyle blogs?

Ans: Some blogs may accept guest contributions or submissions, so it’s worth checking their guidelines or contacting the bloggers directly if you have valuable content or ideas to share.

Q10: Are there any success stories or testimonials from readers who have benefited from these lifestyle blogs?

Ans: Many of these lifestyle blogs feature success stories, testimonials, or case studies from readers who have implemented the advice and tips shared on the blogs and achieved significant improvements in their lives.