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10 Best Photography Blogs of 2024

Great photography blogs keep you interested and wanting to see more. Beginner photography blogs teach technical stuff, show…
10 Best Photography Blogs Of 2024

Great photography blogs keep you interested and wanting to see more.

Beginner photography blogs teach technical stuff, show cool pictures, and explain how photos can tell stories. They cover all sorts of photography, like news, food, travel, and weddings. There are loads of options out there!

Choosing the best photography blogs is up to personal taste. But we’ve gathered 22 sites that many people will love this year.

10 Best Photography Blogs Of 2024

If you want your art in a gallery, check out Agora Gallery.

Although Agora Gallery covers more than just photography, its dedicated page on photography can help artists learn how to secure studio space or get their work displayed in galleries. It’s always smart to understand your craft’s marketing and promotional aspects.

Instagram: @agoragallery (57.6K followers)

2. Beers & Beans

10 Best Photography Blogs Of 2024

Why put up with flight delays and bad currency rates when you can enjoy the world’s beauty from home? Travel photographer blogs are all the rage now; Beers & Beans is a prime example. Its founders have even been featured in big magazines like National Geographic and USA Today.

Travel photographer blogs are popular nowadays, and Beers & Beans shows how well they can do. It’s a favorite site; its creators have even been featured in big magazines like National Geographic and USA Today.

Instagram: @beersandbeans (3K followers)

3. Behind the Shutter

10 Best Photography Blogs Of 2024

Looking for free photography lessons? Behind the Shutter is here to help! It’s all about teaching new photographers how to take amazing pictures. Like other beginner photography blogs, it gives you tips and tricks to improve your skills behind the camera.

Instagram: @btshutter (11.9K followers)

4. Chase Jarvis

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Many photographers aim to gain fame on the internet and social media. Chase Jarvis is often seen as a great example of this.

This famous artist does more than share his work. He also interviews successful people from different areas and gives a behind-the-scenes look at their achievements.

Instagram: @chasejarvis (100K followers)

5. Colossal

10 Best Photography Blogs Of 2024

Colossal doesn’t just focus on photography; it also explores crafting and design. While it covers various creative fields, photography enthusiasts will enjoy plenty of amazing pictures. Colossal offers a wide range of photography genres, from travel and portraits to nature shots, for exploration and appreciation.

Instagram: @colossal (522K followers)

6. Creative Boom

Introducing Stills: A New Way For Contributors To License Photos.

Creative Boom is a diverse website that covers a wide range of topics, including photography. It’s a top choice for photography enthusiasts and should be saved in your bookmarks. The site offers interviews, suggestions for equipment, book reviews, and helpful tips for photographers at any skill level.

Instagram: @creativeboom (93.3K followers)

7. Dave Morrow Photography

10 Best Photography Blogs Of 2024

No one may ever match Ansel Adams as a landscape artist, but Dave Morrow is striving to come close.

If you’re making a list of photography blogs, make sure not to forget Morrow’s. His stunning images will mesmerize you, and his detailed tips could help you capture equally captivating shots in the future.

Instagram: @davemorrowphoto (2.5K followers)

8. David duChemin

10 Best Photography Blogs Of 2024

David duChemin does it all – he’s an author, teacher, podcaster, and, of course, a photographer.

As a self-proclaimed “creative instigator,” David duChemin inspires aspiring photographers to pursue their passions and dreams. Visit his website to admire his work and learn more about photography.

Instagram: @davidduchemin (38.6K followers)

9. ExpertPhotography

10 Best Photography Blogs Of 2024

When compiling a list of photography blogs, you shouldn’t overlook ExpertPhotography. True to its name, this blog offers extensive guidance for new and experienced photographers looking to enhance their skills or kickstart their careers in photography.

Instagram: @expertphotography (60K followers)

10. Expert Vagabond

10 Best Photography Blogs Of 2024

Travel photography involves more than just going to beautiful places; Expert Vagabond understands that well.

We’ve added this website to our list of top photography blogs because it gives useful tips on safely, affordably, and effectively becoming a travel photographer.

Instagram: @expertvagabond (138K followers)


These 10 photography blogs stand out as valuable resources for photographers of all levels in 2024. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced photographer seeking inspiration and tips to enhance your craft, these blogs offer a wealth of information, guidance, and stunning imagery to fuel your passion for photography. Keep exploring, learning, and capturing unforgettable moments through your lens!


Q1: What criteria were used to select the best photography blogs of 2024?

Ans: We evaluated photography blogs based on the quality of content, relevance, user engagement, frequency of updates, and overall impact on the photography community.

Q2: Are these photography blogs suitable for beginners?

Ans: Many selected photography blogs cater to beginners and offer tutorials, tips, and advice to help them improve their photography skills.

Q3: Do these blogs cover specific photography genres?

Ans: Yes, the selected blogs cover various photography genres, including landscape, portrait, street photography, travel, and more.

Q4: Can I submit my photography blog for consideration in future lists?

Ans: Yes, we welcome submissions for consideration. Please contact us with information about your photography blog for review.

Q5: Are there any costs associated with accessing these photography blogs?

Ans: Most blogs listed offer free access to their content, but some may offer premium subscriptions or paid courses for additional features and resources.

Q6: Are there opportunities for interaction with other photographers on these blogs?

Ans: Many of the photography blogs feature community forums, comment sections, and social media channels where photographers can interact, share their work, ask questions, and connect with like-minded individuals.

Q7: Do these blogs offer resources for photographers looking to monetize their work?

Ans: Yes, some of the selected photography blogs provide insights, tips, and resources for photographers interested in monetizing their work through stock photography, selling prints, freelance opportunities, and more.

Q8: How frequently are these photography blogs updated?

Ans: The frequency of updates varies depending on the blog, but most strive to publish new content regularly, from daily to weekly.

Q9: Can I find gear reviews and recommendations on these photography blogs?

Ans: Many selected blogs feature gear reviews, recommendations, and comparisons to help photographers make informed decisions about purchasing cameras, lenses, accessories, and other equipment.

Q10: Are these photography blogs suitable for professional photographers?

Ans: Absolutely! Several selected blogs cater to professional photographers, offering advanced techniques, business advice, marketing strategies, and industry insights to help them succeed in their careers.