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10 Must-Watch Sports Biopics Movies

With the upcoming release of MS Dhoni’s highly anticipated biopic, let’s explore 7 contemporary movies that blend the…
10 Must-Watch Sports Biopics Movies

With the upcoming release of MS Dhoni’s highly anticipated biopic, let’s explore 7 contemporary movies that blend the worlds of sports and entertainment. While not all of these films perfectly capture the essence of their subjects’ lives, each has a standout feature that makes it compelling viewing. As Sushant Singh Rajput perfectly emulates Dhoni’s iconic helicopter shot, here’s a roundup of unmissable sports biopics:

1. Saala Khadoos

10 Must-Watch Sports Biopics Movies

Adi Tomar dreamed of helping India win a boxing gold. Instead, he faced a decade of nightmares after his coach sabotaged his gloves, causing him to lose his sight during a match and handing victory to his opponent. This defeat shattered Adi, leading him into a spiral of self-destruction.

Years later, with the support of loyal friends, Adi returns to boxing, this time as the coach of the unproven Indian women’s boxing team. Among his new trainees is a fiery 17-year-old fish-seller with an incredible fighting spirit. Adi sees a champion in her, sparking a bond between a man who loves his sport and a woman who loves her freedom. Together, they journey toward a seemingly impossible goal, forging a deep friendship.

2. Soorma

10 Must-Watch Sports Biopics Movies

This is an inspiring true story of human triumph about a player who faced a near-death experience at the peak of his career but overcame it through his passion for the game, hard work, and determination. Sandeep Singh, a penalty corner specialist for the Indian hockey team from Shahbad, Haryana, made headlines when he was accidentally shot in the spine on a train while traveling to join his team for the 2006 World Cup in Germany. The injury left him paralyzed, and doctors doubted he would ever walk again. However, Sandeep defied the odds, made a remarkable comeback, and reclaimed his title as the best drag-flicker. In January 2009, he was appointed captain of the Indian national hockey team.

3. Sand Ki Aankh

10 Must-Watch Sports Biopics Movies

Based on the lives of India’s oldest sharpshooters, sisters-in-law Chandro and Prakash from the village of Johri in Uttar Pradesh, “Saand Ki Aankh” tells the story of their remarkable journey. As newlyweds, they became mothers and household workers and endured nearly six decades of purposelessness, accepting the patriarchal norms of their culture. Everything changed in their sixties when they first held a gun and discovered their talent for sharpshooting, thanks to Dr. Yashpal, an aspiring doctor who sacrificed his dream of opening a shooting range in the village.

The Daadis began competing in numerous events, winning medals, and inspiring their granddaughters, Shefali and Seema, to pursue their passions and develop their skills. However, the men in the household remained unaware of their activities. Despite the appearance of tranquility, the Daadis faced many confrontations and direct conflicts.

4. Jhund

10 Must-Watch Sports Biopics Movies

Amitabh Bachchan plays a retired sports teacher and enthusiast from Nagpur who often encounters a group of teenage troublemakers from nearby slums. These kids spend their time playing cards, fighting, smoking, and robbing bystanders. To give them a productive outlet, he decides to teach them football, aiming to transform them from delinquents into disciplined players. This task is challenging, but he perseveres despite numerous obstacles, believing these kids have extraordinary talent and potential. He knows they need acceptance and trust to develop reliability.

He makes significant sacrifices and pushes forward, and his vision begins to take shape. He elevates these kids by getting them to participate in the world’s biggest football competition, “Homeless Soccer.” The journey is full of unexpected twists and tough times, leading to remarkable changes in their lives, turning what seemed impossible into reality.

5. 83

10 Must-Watch Sports Biopics Movies

The movie “83,” directed by Kabir Khan, tells the inspiring story of India’s 1983 Cricket World Cup victory. At that time, India was still finding its place on the world stage, even though it had gained independence 36 years earlier. Led by Kapil Dev, the Indian cricket team went to England more excited about the trip than hopeful of winning. They were underdogs without proper transportation and were even denied entry to the Lord’s Cricket Stadium because no one thought they would make it to the final. Despite low wages and battling doubts from their countrymen, they proved to the world that with belief, anything is possible.

6. MS Dhoni: The Untold Story

10 Must-Watch Sports Biopics Movies

Sushant Singh Rajput plays Mahendra Singh Dhoni in Neeraj Pandey’s upcoming biopic. From body language to cricket shots and Dhoni’s simple style, Sushant captures every detail perfectly. The most convincing part is his walk, which looks exactly like Dhoni’s in real match footage. This makes the biopic a must-watch.

7. Dangal

10 Must-Watch Sports Biopics Movies

Wrestling made major headlines in 2016, from controversies to Olympic celebrations. The sport’s popularity soared with the release of YRF’s and Salman Khan’s film “Sultan,” a huge success. Aamir Khan’s biopic on Indian wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat and his daughters Geeta and Babita is set to continue this trend. This movie will be the perfect conclusion to the wrestling’s big year, 2016.

8. Budhia Singh: Born To Run

10 Must-Watch Sports Biopics Movies

“Budhia Singh” is an underrated sports biopic about a remarkable 5-year-old who gained global attention in 2006. Manoj Bajpayee delivers a powerful performance as Biranchi Das, Budhia’s coach, while young Mayur Patole authentically portrays Budhia. The movie highlights a young boy’s incredible spirit and his coach’s determination, who turned him into a sports sensation despite government and political pressures.

9. Azhar

10 Must-Watch Sports Biopics Movies

The screenplay and direction of “Azhar” had shortcomings, but Emraan Hashmi’s performance makes it worth watching. He nailed Mohd Azharuddin’s body language and mannerisms, especially the head bobble and standing stance that perfectly captured Azhar’s style. While the film’s plot and politics weren’t flawless, the lead actor’s efforts made it worthwhile.

10. Mary Kom

10 Must-Watch Sports Biopics Movies

In Omung Kumar’s “Mary Kom,” Priyanka Chopra’s dedication shone through. She immersed herself in boxing training, transforming her physique and displaying impressive physical effort. Yet, her portrayal was truly elevated by the grace and emotional depth she brought to the role of a mother and a boxer. Priyanka Chopra’s performance captured the authenticity of her character’s complexities, making her the film’s heart.

11. Conclusion

Sports biopics offer an inspiring journey into the lives of extraordinary athletes, capturing their triumphs, struggles, and indomitable spirit. From legendary cricketers to Olympic heroes and boxing champions, these movies celebrate the human spirit and the pursuit of excellence. Whether it’s the gripping storylines, stellar performances, or the portrayal of real-life sporting moments, these 10 must-watch sports biopics promise to entertain, educate, and leave a lasting impression. Dive into these films to witness the passion, determination, and resilience that define sporting greatness.

12. FAQs

Q1: What are sports biopics?

Ans: Sports biopics are movies based on the real-life stories of athletes, focusing on their achievements, challenges, and personal journeys.

Q2: Why watch sports biopics?

Ans: These films offer inspirational tales of perseverance, dedication, and triumph over adversity, highlighting the human spirit’s resilience.

Q3: Which sports are covered in these biopics?

Ans: You can expect biopics spanning various sports like cricket, boxing, athletics, football, and more, showcasing iconic figures from each field.

Q4: Are these biopics accurate representations of real events?

Ans: While some dramatization may occur for storytelling purposes, these movies generally strive to accurately depict the essence of athletes’ lives.

Q5: Who are some notable actors who have starred in these biopics?

Ans: Actors like Priyanka Chopra, Emraan Hashmi, Sushant Singh Rajput, and others have portrayed famous athletes with compelling performances.

Q6: What makes these biopics compelling to watch?

Ans: They combine thrilling sports action with emotional narratives, offering insights into the personal lives and struggles behind athletic success.

Q7: Do these biopics focus only on sports achievements?

Ans: No, they also explore the personal lives, relationships, and challenges athletes face beyond their sporting careers.

Q8: Are these biopics suitable for all ages?

Ans: Ratings may vary, but many sports biopics are suitable for a wide audience, offering valuable lessons in determination and perseverance.

Q9: Where can I watch these sports biopics?

Ans: They are available on various streaming platforms, DVDs, and sometimes theaters, offering accessibility to audiences worldwide.

Q10: Can watching these biopics inspire viewers?

Ans: Absolutely! These movies celebrate the human spirit’s ability to overcome obstacles, making them both entertaining and motivational experiences.

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