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10 Riveting Things To Do In Kumbhalgarh

Here is a list of top exciting things to accomplish during your vacation to Kumbhalgarh: 1. Get Awe…
10 Riveting Things To Do In Kumbhalgarh

Here is a list of top exciting things to accomplish during your vacation to Kumbhalgarh:

1. Get Awe Inspired By the Biggest Wall of India

10 Riveting Things To Do In Kumbhalgarh

Did you know? Kumbhalgarh Fort boasts India’s second-largest wall after China’s Great Wall. Spanning an impressive 36 kilometers, it’s a hidden gem in the heart of this captivating city. Built-in the 15th century by Rana Kumbha, this stunning fortress is nestled amidst the picturesque Aravali Mountains. Explore its ancient wonders and be amazed by its grandeur.

Place: Kumbhalgarh Fort, Kumbhalgarh

2. Get Enthralled By the Light and Sound Show

10 Riveting Things To Do In Kumbhalgarh

Every evening, Kumbhalgarh Fort puts on a mesmerizing light and sound show that beautifully showcases the area’s rich history. As the sun sets, the fort transforms into a magnificent sight illuminated by colorful lights. The captivating show begins at 6:45 PM and runs until 7:30 PM, captivating audiences with its dazzling display of colors, lights, and sound. Don’t miss this unforgettable experience during your visit to Kumbhalgarh!

Place: Kumbhalgarh Fort, Kumbhalgarh

Ticket Prices: For Indian visitors, tickets cost INR 75, while foreign nationals need to pay INR 200.

3. Climb Up to the Palace Of Clouds

10 Riveting Things To Do In Kumbhalgarh

Discover Badal Mahal, also known as the Palace of Clouds, the highest point in Kumbhalgarh Fort. This two-story palace is renowned for its stunning architecture and beautiful murals. But what truly takes your breath away are the breathtaking views of the valley below. Don’t forget to snap some photos to treasure these stunning vistas!

Place: Badal Mahal, Kumbhalgarh Fort, Kumbhalgarh

4. Absorb The Sacredness Of Neelkanth Mahadev Temple

10 Riveting Things To Do In Kumbhalgarh

Explore Neelkanth Mahadev Temple, a fascinating ancient temple in the fort premises. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple boasts magnificent architecture that will leave you in awe. It’s renowned for having the widest and longest Shivalingam in India. With a history of 500 years, this temple is steeped in folklore and rich heritage.

5. Go For Jungle Safari At Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary

10 Riveting Things To Do In Kumbhalgarh

Discover Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary, a stunning nature park surrounding the renowned Kumbhalgarh Fort. This sprawling jungle covers approximately 577 square kilometers and is filled with lush green hills. The sanctuary is nestled amidst the Aravali Mountains and is home to numerous rare plant and animal species. Experience the magic of the sanctuary with a jeep safari, offering a mesmerizing journey along a 15-kilometer trail that takes around 4 hours to complete.

6. Trekking Expedition At Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary

10 Riveting Things To Do In Kumbhalgarh

The sanctuary also offers excellent hiking trails. The dense jungle and hills create an unmatched hiking experience. One of the most popular treks is the Tirthankar Nature Trail, a 4-kilometer path known for its diverse flora. This thrilling jungle trek features unique and varied landscapes, making it a must-do activity in Kumbhalgarh. Besides the Tirthankar trail, the wildlife park has several other beautiful hikes perfect for hiking enthusiasts.

Place: Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary, Kumbhalgarh

7. Explore the Prehistoric Era At the Ganga Govardhan Museum

10 Riveting Things To Do In Kumbhalgarh

Explore the Ganga Govardhan Museum in Kumbhalgarh, a fantastic place with historical artifacts. The museum boasts an impressive collection of coins, pottery, and weapons that showcase the country’s rich history. This extensive and fascinating collection is sure to leave you amazed. The museum is open daily from 9 AM to 7 PM.

Place: Kumbhalgarh Fort Road, Qila Kumbhalgarh, Rajasthan 313325

Timings: 9 AM – 7 PM

8. Pay Your Tributes To Great Rajput Kings At Mammadev Temple

10 Riveting Things To Do In Kumbhalgarh

Discover Mammadev Temple, a historic site located just below Kumbhalgarh Fort. This ancient temple features cenotaphs for the renowned Rajput kings Prithviraj Chauhan and Raja Kumbha, the founder of Kumbhalgarh Fort. The temple is a stunning example of architecture rich in cultural history, offering a serene atmosphere.

Place: Mammadev Temple, Qila Kumbhalgarh, Rajasthan 313325

9. Horse Ride At Kumbhalgarh Reserves

10 Riveting Things To Do In Kumbhalgarh

The captivating town of Kumbhalgarh offers a wide range of treks and terrains. If you enjoy horse riding, this is the perfect destination. The horses here are descendants of special war horses that once participated in battles. Riding these royal horses through the wilderness of Kumbhalgarh’s nature reserve is an unmatched experience.

Place: Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary, Kumbhalgarh

10. Go For A Village Walk

10 Riveting Things To Do In Kumbhalgarh

The areas around Kumbhalgarh are dotted with charming little villages filled with hospitable people. Walking around, interacting with the locals, and enjoying a cup of chai will be a delightful experience. These picturesque villages will captivate you with their natural beauty and the people’s simplicity.

 Place: Kumbhalgarh, Rajasthan 313325


Kumbhalgarh offers many unforgettable experiences, from exploring its majestic fort and historic temples to embarking on thrilling treks and wildlife safaris. Enjoy the captivating light and sound show, marvel at the panoramic views from the Badal Mahal, and immerse yourself in the rich history at the Ganga Govardhan Museum. Don’t miss the serene charm of the local villages and the unique horse riding adventures. Every moment in Kumbhalgarh promises to be awe-inspiring and memorable.


Q1: What is the best time to visit Kumbhalgarh?

Ans: The best time to visit Kumbhalgarh is from October to March when the weather is pleasant for sightseeing and outdoor activities.

Q2: How do I reach Kumbhalgarh?

Ans: Kumbhalgarh is accessible by road from Udaipur, which is the nearest major city with an airport and railway station.

Q3: Is there an entry fee for Kumbhalgarh Fort?

Ans: Yes, there is an entry fee for Kumbhalgarh Fort. The prices may vary for Indian and foreign visitors.

Q4: Can I visit Kumbhalgarh Fort at night?

Ans: Every evening, the fort is illuminated for a light and sound show, which is a spectacular way to experience its grandeur.

Q5: Are there guided tours available in Kumbhalgarh?

Ans: Yes, guided tours are available and can enhance your understanding of the historical significance of the sites.

Q6: What should I wear for trekking and safari in Kumbhalgarh?

Ans: Wear comfortable, sturdy shoes and light, breathable clothing. For sun protection, remember a hat and sunscreen.

Q7: Are there accommodations near Kumbhalgarh Fort?

Ans: Yes, there are several hotels and resorts near the fort that offer accommodations ranging from budget to luxury.

Q8: Can I ride horses at Kumbhalgarh?

Ans: Yes, horse riding is a popular activity in Kumbhalgarh, offering a unique way to explore the area.

Q9: What kind of wildlife can I see in Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary?

Ans: The sanctuary is home to various species, including leopards, wolves, and numerous birds. A safari is a great way to spot them.

Q10: Are there local markets for shopping in Kumbhalgarh?

Ans: Yes, you can find local markets where you can buy Rajasthani handicrafts, textiles, and souvenirs.

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