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10 Road Trips During Monsoon In India

Road trips during the monsoon season in India offer a serene and captivating experience as the rain transforms…
10 Road Trips During Monsoon In India

Road trips during the monsoon season in India offer a serene and captivating experience as the rain transforms the landscape into a lush and vibrant haven. Regions like the Western Ghats, with their winding roads and abundant hills, become even more enchanting and are worth experiencing at least once in a lifetime.

Even busy routes from Mumbai to Goa or Pune to Lonavala become more delightful with rain, and the cascading waterfalls make the views even more appealing to visitors. With all these romantic adventures, let’s explore the best road trips during the monsoon in India, the places to visit, and what to expect from them!

Insights On Road Trips During Monsoon In India

Road trips during the monsoon in India are not always easy; they require careful planning due to potential issues like waterlogging, landslides, and slippery roads. The southwest monsoon can be unpredictable, and conditions can be dangerous. To enjoy your trip fully, you need a well-thought-out plan.

It’s essential to keep your vehicle in good condition and carry safety gear, an emergency kit, food, and an accurate GPS. An offline map is also crucial, especially when traveling to Northeastern states like Meghalaya, where the lush greenery can make it hard to get a network signal.

Despite these challenges, road trips during the monsoon in India are incredibly rewarding. The rain brings life to every landscape, offering a chance to explore the true beauty of India.

Here are the best road trips to take during the monsoon in India:

1. Mumbai To Goa

10 Road Trips During Monsoon In India

The Mumbai to Goa road trip, covering over 600 km via Pune and Kolhapur, is one of the best monsoon trips in India. This journey takes you through the Western Ghats, offering lush green landscapes, rolling hills, and the stunning Dudhsagar Waterfalls. Starting from Mumbai, it’s best to leave early at sunrise. You can have breakfast at one of Mumbai’s top restaurants before heading towards Lonavala and Satara. Along the way, you can enjoy hill stations and relax in Goa, experiencing its beautiful beaches, water sports, and historic forts.

2. Chennai To Munnar

10 Road Trips During Monsoon In India

Thanks to its scenic routes and rolling hills, the Chennai to Munnar road trip is a must for monsoon season travel in India. If you’re starting from Chennai, leaving early to avoid traffic is best. On the way, you can visit the Rock Fort Temple in Dindigul before staying in Munnar, known for its beautiful landscapes.

While in Munnar, drive through Eravikulam National Park, visit Mattupetty Dam, and enjoy the views at Echo Point. Don’t miss the chance to see Attukad and Lakkam Waterfalls, and plan a trek to Anamudi Peak.

3. Shillong To Cherrapunji

10 Road Trips During Monsoon In India

This is one of India’s shortest but best road trips during the monsoon. Throughout the journey, you can enjoy stunning views of the northeastern hills, with the living root bridges of the Mawlynnong region being a major highlight. Drive through the Khasi and Jaintia hills, which are mist-covered during the monsoon, creating a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Don’t miss the Seven Sisters Falls and Nohkalikai Falls to make your trip more memorable. If a road trip isn’t possible, consider various Meghalaya tour packages to enjoy the monsoon season with friends, family, and loved ones.

4. Manali To Ladakh

10 Road Trips During Monsoon In India

The Manali to Ladakh road trip covers around 500 km and is one of India’s most popular monsoon journeys. You can visit places like Jispa and Sarchu and enjoy views of the tallest mountains and beautiful locations. The roads have steep twists and turns, making the trip adventurous and requiring some driving expertise. Key attractions include passes like Rohtang La and Tanglang La, adding to the joy of the journey.

Although it’s generally advisable to avoid Ladakh road trips during the monsoon due to landslide risks, the region becomes even more breathtaking once the rains begin.

5. Bangalore To Coorg

10 Road Trips During Monsoon In India

Coorg is one of the best weekend getaways from Bangalore. The journey of over 200 km offers gushing winds, green landscapes, and towering mountains, making it one of India’s top monsoon road trips. Starting from the lush countryside of Bangalore, you travel through Karnataka’s natural beauty and arrive in Coorg, enchanted by mist-covered hills and coffee and tea plantations. Enjoy the drive alongside cascading waterfalls and savor the local cuisine in serene, nature-filled spots.

6. Guwahati To Tawang

10 Road Trips During Monsoon In India

The road trip from Guwahati to Tawang via Tezpur and Bomdila is one of India’s top monsoon road trips, covering around 520 km. You can explore Buddhist monasteries in serene, lush landscapes along the way. The winding rivers enhance the natural beauty of the route. This journey is ideal if you want to enjoy stunning natural surroundings and cultural insights.

Best Monsoon Road Trips In India By Car

Here are the best monsoon road trips in India by car:

1. Ahmedabad To Kutch

10 Road Trips During Monsoon In India

One of India’s best monsoon road trips by car is from Ahmedabad to Kutch. Along the way, you’ll pass through charming landscapes and quaint villages that showcase Gujarati culture. Early in the journey, you’ll encounter the mesmerizing white desert, which becomes even more enchanting during the monsoon season. Take time to birdwatch in Kutch and enjoy a delightful drive along desert roads throughout your trip.

2. Pune To Lonavala

10 Road Trips During Monsoon In India

Experience the delightful journey from Pune to Lonavala, 65 km through the scenic Sahyadri range. This route features rolling hills and lush greenery. Begin with exploring Pune’s top attractions before heading through the Western Ghats. During the monsoon season, the route comes alive with cascading waterfalls, making it one of India’s best monsoon road trips.

3. Visakhapatnam To Araku Valley

10 Road Trips During Monsoon In India

The car journey from Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley covers about 114 kilometers through picturesque landscapes. Along the way, you can admire lush greenery and catch glimpses of strawberry and coffee plantations. Don’t miss exploring the Burra Caves, known for their impressive size. During the monsoon season, this humid region turns into a lush paradise, with mist-covered hills making it one of India’s best budget-friendly road trips.

4. Delhi To Rishikesh

10 Road Trips During Monsoon In India

Delhi to Rishikesh is among India’s top monsoon road trips, perfect for exploring spiritual sanctuaries. This scenic drive covers approximately 250 km and offers picturesque views of the Ganges River, Himalayan ranges, and tranquil scenery, creating a verdant paradise during the monsoon season.

5. Chennai to Yercaud

10 Road Trips During Monsoon In India

The journey from Chennai to Yercaud is adorned with lush coffee plantations and scenic hillsides. Along the way, you’ll experience the rich aroma of coffee and encounter breathtaking viewpoints. Boating on the backwaters and lakeside offers a peaceful way to enjoy the natural beauty, making this trip one of India’s best monsoon road trips by car.

6. Mumbai To Malshej Ghat

10 Road Trips During Monsoon In India

The journey from Mumbai to Malshej Ghat covers about 120 km and is filled with natural wonders. Starting from Mumbai Marine Drive, you’ll pass through green valleys, waterfalls, and hill stations nestled among mountain passes. Every aspect of this trip makes it one of India’s finest monsoon road journeys. With picturesque views of the Sahyadri range, birdwatchers, and photography enthusiasts can capture lasting memories along the way.

7. Bangalore To Agumbe

10 Road Trips During Monsoon In India

Bangalore to Agumbe is one of India’s top monsoon road trips for a weekend getaway. Covering a stretch of 360 km, it offers lush green landscapes and scenic views. Nestled in the heart of the Western Ghats, this route takes you through dense rainforests, picturesque waterfalls, and diverse wildlife.

8. Kolkata to Sundarbans

10 Road Trips During Monsoon In India

The journey from Kolkata to Sundarbans, West Bengal, spans about 100 km through enchanting landscapes and wildlife habitats. Along the way, you may spot rare wild animals like elephants, muggers, deer, bison, and the iconic Royal Bengal tigers, making it one of India’s top monsoon road trips filled with excitement and adventure. Start your trip by exploring shopping in Kolkata before heading towards the safari landscapes on the way to Sundarbans.


Exploring India during the monsoon through road trips offers a unique perspective on the country’s diverse landscapes and cultures. From the lush greenery of the Western Ghats to the majestic valleys of Himachal Pradesh, each destination brings its charm and allure during this rainy season. Whether you navigate the winding roads of Goa’s coastal highways or embark on a serene journey through the tea gardens of Munnar, the monsoon transforms these routes into scenic masterpieces.

These road trips showcase India’s natural beauty and provide an opportunity to experience local cuisine, traditions, and hospitality along the way. Despite the occasional challenges posed by weather, the thrill of witnessing waterfalls in full flow and mist-covered hillsides more than compensates for any inconvenience. As you navigate through the rain-kissed landscapes, each curve and ascent reveals a new facet of India’s monsoon magic, making every road trip unforgettable.

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a photography buff, or simply seeking a break from the routine, India’s monsoon road trips promise an exhilarating journey filled with memories that will last a lifetime. So, pack your bags, hit the road, and immerse yourself in the splendor of India’s monsoon season—a journey where every turn is a discovery and every mile is an experience to cherish.


Q1: Is it safe to go on road trips during the monsoon in India?

Ans: Road trips during the monsoon can be safe if you plan well and stay updated on weather conditions. It is crucial to avoid landslide-prone areas and drive cautiously on slippery roads.

Q2: What essential items to pack for a monsoon road trip in India?

Ans: Pack waterproof clothing, umbrellas, sturdy shoes, a first aid kit, insect repellent, and a flashlight. Also, keep your vehicle’s maintenance up-to-date.

Q3: Which regions of India are best for monsoon road trips?

Ans: Popular destinations include the Western Ghats (e.g., Goa, Kerala), the Himalayan foothills (e.g., Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand), and the Northeastern states (e.g., Meghalaya, Assam) known for their scenic beauty during monsoon.

Q4: How should I prepare my vehicle for a monsoon road trip?

Ans: Ensure your vehicle’s brakes, tires, wipers, and headlights are in good condition. Carry spare parts and tools, and check local regulations and road conditions before setting out.

Q5: What precautions should I take while driving in heavy rain?

Ans: Reduce speed, maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, use headlights and hazard lights appropriately, and avoid flooded areas where possible. Plan stops in safe locations if visibility is poor.

Q6: Are there any specific road closures or restrictions during the monsoon?

Ans: Some roads in hilly and coastal areas may be temporarily closed due to landslides or flooding. Check local news and road advisories before planning your route.

Q7: What wildlife or natural attractions can I expect to see during monsoon road trips?

Ans: The monsoon brings lush greenery, blooming flowers, and increased wildlife activity. Look for waterfalls at their peak flow, vibrant landscapes, and possibly migratory birds in wetland areas.

Q8: Are there any cultural or festival experiences unique to monsoon road trips in India?

Ans: Many regions celebrate local festivals during the monsoon, offering a chance to experience traditional music, dance, and cuisine. Check local event calendars for opportunities to immerse yourself in local culture.

Q9: How can I find accommodation during a monsoon road trip in India?

Ans: Book accommodations in advance, especially in popular tourist destinations. Consider staying in eco-resorts, homestays, or guesthouses that offer a cozy retreat amidst nature.

Q10: What should I do if I encounter an emergency during my monsoon road trip?

Ans: Keep emergency contacts handy, have a fully charged phone with local emergency numbers, and inform someone about your travel itinerary. Stay calm and seek assistance from locals or authorities if needed.

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