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10 Useful Pet Blogs For Pet Owners

Pet lovers can access helpful information and communities through pet blogs in today’s digital age. Whether you adore…
10 Useful Pet Blogs For Pet Owners

Pet lovers can access helpful information and communities through pet blogs in today’s digital age. Whether you adore dogs, cats, or any other furry or feathered friends, there’s a pet blog out there. In this article, we’ll check out some of the best pet blogs loved by animal enthusiasts worldwide and share some important tips.

1. Modern Dog

10 Useful Pet Blogs For Pet Owners

Modern Dog is a go-to blog for dog owners looking for pet care advice, training tips, and the latest trends. It covers various topics like health, wellness, travel, and lifestyle, focusing on our furry friends.

2. BarkPost

10 Useful Pet Blogs For Pet Owners

BarkPost is BarkBox’s blog, where dog owners can find fun and lighthearted content. It includes entertaining articles, funny videos, and heartwarming dog stories. It’s the ideal spot to relax and enjoy some dog-related content.

3. Puppy Leaks

10 Useful Pet Blogs For Pet Owners

Puppy Leaks is a great place for dog owners seeking practical training tips and advice. It covers different aspects of dog training, behavior, and the common challenges dog owners face, making navigating life with your furry friend easier.

4. My Brown Newfies

10 Useful Pet Blogs For Pet Owners

My Brown Newfies is a delightful blog all about Newfoundland dogs. It shares personal stories and insights about life with these big, gentle dogs, making it a fun read for Newfie fans.

5. Jackson Galaxy

10 Useful Pet Blogs For Pet Owners

For cat lovers, Jackson Galaxy’s blog is a must-visit. Jackson is famous for his TV show “My Cat From Hell” and is an expert in cat behavior. His blog offers valuable tips and insights to help understand and enhance the lives of our furry feline friends.

6. Catster

10 Useful Pet Blogs For Pet Owners

Catster is like the Modern Dog Magazine but for cat lovers. It provides info on cat care, behavior, and specific breeds. Cat owners can find everything to keep their furry friends happy and healthy.

7. Conscious Cat

10 Useful Pet Blogs For Pet Owners

Conscious Cat is all about keeping your cat healthy and living naturally. It shares helpful articles on cat health, food, behavior, and reviews of cat products. If you want to give your cat the best care and live a holistic lifestyle, this blog has lots of valuable information.

8. The Purrington Post

10 Useful Pet Blogs For Pet Owners

The Purrington Post is about cats, sharing heartwarming stories, cat-themed art, and culture. It’s a fun mix of entertainment and info for cat lovers who want to explore the world of feline fascination.

9. Feline Living

10 Useful Pet Blogs For Pet Owners

Feline Living is a blog designed for cat owners. It provides advice on cat nutrition, behavior, and wellness. The blog also includes product reviews and recommendations for everything related to cats.

10. Bunny Approved

Bunny Approved

Bunny Approved is a blog for rabbit owners that provides tips on rabbit care, diet, and how to bunny-proof your home. It’s a helpful guide for anyone living with these adorable pets.


These ten pet blogs offer valuable resources for pet owners. Whether you have dogs, cats, rabbits, or other furry friends, these blogs provide tips, advice, and insights to help you care for your pets. From training and behavior to health and nutrition, you’ll find everything you need to ensure your pets lead happy, healthy lives. Dive into these blogs and enhance your pet care knowledge today!


Q1: What types of pets do these blogs cover?

Ans: These blogs cover a variety of pets, including dogs, cats, and rabbits.

Q2: Are there blogs specifically for dog owners?

Ans: Yes, blogs like Modern Dog and BarkPost are great for dog owners.

Q3: Do any of these blogs focus on cat care?

Ans: Yes, Catster, Conscious Cat, and Jackson Galaxy’s blog are perfect for cat care tips and advice.

Q4: Is there a blog for rabbit owners?

Ans: Yes, Bunny Approved offers tips on rabbit care and diet.

Q5: Can I find holistic living tips for pets?

Ans: Conscious Cat is an excellent resource for holistic pet care.

Q6: Where can I find fun and entertaining pet stories?

Ans: The Purrington Post provides entertaining and heartwarming pet stories, especially about cats.

Q7: Are there product reviews on these blogs?

Ans: Yes, many of these blogs, like Feline Living, offer product reviews and recommendations.

Q8: Do these blogs offer health and wellness advice?

Ans: Yes, all these blogs include sections on pet health and wellness.

Q9: Are there any blogs that cover pet behavior and training?

Ans: Puppy Leaks and Jackson

Q10: Can I find breed-specific advice on these blogs?

Ans: Yes, Catster and Modern Dog offer breed-specific advice to help you understand and care for different breeds.