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A Folded Wish

A Folded wish

A Folded Wish is an animated short film created by 19 students majoring in Digital Animation. Wish do come true , just have a look!!

Do you believe that wishes do come real?

A Folded Wish is an Animated Short Film created by 19 students who majored in the Digital Animation and Illustration courses in The One Academy of Communication Design.

The short film is about the belief of a sickly child in the power of a single precise wish. The wish becomes a source of hope, strength, and joy for the two sisters. An ancient Japanese legend inspires the story, “A Folded Wish,” which explores the influence of a wish shared by twin sisters, believing that the Gods would save them from their illness if they folded one thousand origami cranes. Referred to as ‘Senbazuru’ in Japanese, it is traditionally practiced in hopes of recovering from a disease or as a symbol of peace at war memorials.

Set in the 1940s during the Shōwa era (post World War II) in Japan, the story laments incurable tuberculosis that devastated the world. Many patients could only remain at home until they succumbed to the illness. This historical fact was used as the underlying background for our film.

The Art and Making of “A Folded Wish”:


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