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Asur Review | Welcome To Your Dark Side

ASUR is an excellent mythological crime thriller of 2020. Asur web series is a unique blend of science…
Asur Review | Asur Web Series
asur review | asur web series

ASUR is an excellent mythological crime thriller of 2020. Asur web series is a unique blend of science and mythology. This web series will give you Hollywood level entertainment. We have been hearing since childhood that God and Devil reside in every human being, but whom we choose reflects our personality, only then we see that there are some people like Gods, and some Asur is also a person of instinct. This web series also follows mythological things.

Asur is based on forensic-expert-teacher Nikhil Nair, CBI forensic-expert Dhananjay Rajput, and a child named Subha. In this, Dhananjay Rajput is a person of very vicious mind, who can see how a person has been killed by looking at the corpse. Dhananjay Rajput had also been the mentor of Nikhil Nair. Nikhil Nair is no less than his mentor in any case. But in this, the character of a small child named Shubh is shown to be very ruthless and cruel. Whose father used to call him Asura.

Shubh has a disease called Autism, which is due to the atrocious behavior done by his father. Due to which Subha considers himself as an asura, and Subha also has some powers, such as he can read any book or page of religion book at a glance. He knows all Hindu scriptures at a very young age, Subha is an extraordinary child.

Asur Best Indian Thriller Web Series 6 2F96

Asura begins with an incident 11 years ago where a small child Shubh performed a pooja ritual with his father and a man. After that, Subha and his father are going in the boat, then Shubh’s father dies due to drowning in the river. But Shubh’s emotionless behavior suggests that the child may have poisoned his father.

The story then moves on to the present, where Nikhil Nair is shown teaching forensics at FBI headquarters. He is later shown arguing with his wife about his reasons for quitting his CBI job. But now Nikhil Nair regrets the decision to leave the CBI. And at the same time, there are some killings in India, on the other hand, whose location the murderer used to send to Nikhil Nair, whom Nikhil used to inform a CBI officer in India. He is also asking officer Nikhil to come back to India and join CBI.

Later Nikhil Nair agrees to work with the CBI and comes back to India. Meanwhile, a corpse was found in India, which was being investigated by a senior CBI forensic expert Dhananjay Rajput (DJ). But due to some reason, they have to withdraw from this case, and this case is given to Nikhil Nair for investigation. But from here, the chain of slaughter increases further, and the murderer kidnaps Nikhil Nair and, through him, executes the slaughter. Due to which Dhananjay Rajput has to come back, and from here, there was start a cat-and-mouse game between the murderer, Dhananjay Rajput, and Nikhil Nair.

In this web series, the murderer has a goal that there is an asura inside all human beings, which he wants to get out. The murderer creates a similar pattern in all the slaughter, leaving a mask on all the corpses, and cutting the index finger of the hand on each body. Will Dhananjay Rajput be able to catch this murderer? Will Nikhil Nair escape the clutches of the murderer, or will the murderer succeed in his murders? To know all this, watch Asura, which will give you a great experience of crime, thriller, and mythology. In this web series, you will get plenty of suspense, which will confuse you until the end, who is the killer?

Asur Review | Asur Web Series
Asur review | asur web series

Asur released on Voot on 2nd March 2020, and it is a web-series of 8 episodes. All episodes are around 35–45 minutes, with only the last event being 60 minutes.


  • The dead can talk
  • Rabbit hole
  • Peek-a-boo
  • Ashes from The past
  • The devil has a face.
  • The firewall
  • Let there be darkness.
  • The end is The beginning.

IMDb: 8.8/10

Genres: Crime, Mystery, Thriller

Director: Oni Sen

Writer: Gaurav Shukla

Star Cast: Arshad Warsi, Barun Sobti, Anupriya Goenka, Ameya Wagh, Ridhi Dogra.

Original Networks: Voot

Casting: Arshad Warsi (Dhananjay Rajput), Barun Sobti (Nikhil Nair), Anupriya Goenka (Naina Nair), Ameya Wagh (Rasool Shaikh), Ridhi Dogra (Nushrat Saeed), Sharib Hashmi (Lolark Dubey), Pawan Chopra (Shashank Awasthi), Special Bansal (auspicious), Gaurav Arora (saffron Bhardwaj).

From my side, I gave Asura Web Series 4 stars out of 5-star ratings.

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