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Best Language Learning Blogs Reviewed:10 Top Must-follows

Reflecting on my early days as a language teacher, I recall the excitement of discovering language learning blogs.…
Best Language Learning Blogs Reviewed: 5 Top Must-Follows

Reflecting on my early days as a language teacher, I recall the excitement of discovering language learning blogs. These virtual treasure troves were brimming with tips and tricks I eagerly shared with my students. The journey of finding these blogs was a personal one, and I’m thrilled to share this curated list with you.

But sometimes, finding the right blog among all the options is tough. You might spend ages scrolling through blogs without finding anything useful. That’s why reading a few articles from each blog is important to see if it’s a good fit for you.

In this article, I’ve compiled a list of 25 reviewed language learning blogs to make your search easier. These blogs are run by polyglots who speak many languages or by companies offering language-learning services. They cover specific languages and general language learning tips.

At Language Educators Assemble, we champion the belief that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to language learning. With 8 billion people worldwide, each with a unique learning style, we encourage using diverse methods and strategies. This approach empowers our students to find what works best for them and succeed in their language-learning journey.

1. Jumpspeak

Best Language Learning Blogs Reviewed: 5 Top Must-Follows

Jumpspeak offers two unique services: a smart language learning app and personalized tutoring for many languages, such as Spanish, French, English, and Mandarin. The app immerses you in the language, making learning more engaging and effective. The tutoring service, on the other hand, provides tailored feedback to help you learn actively, ensuring your progress is always on track.

Aside from its language teaching services, Jumpspeak hosts a unique blog. Unlike typical business blogs, it’s not about selling you stuff. Instead, it’s a treasure trove of helpful articles about learning languages. You’ll find tips on learning specific languages and innovative ideas for practicing languages in different situations. The blog aims to pique your interest and motivate you to continue learning.

While the blog may have many articles, finding what you need might seem daunting. However, rest assured, if you take the time to explore, you’ll uncover some truly valuable insights!

2. Fluent in 3 Months

Best Language Learning Blogs Reviewed: 5 Top Must-Follows

Fluent in 3 Months is run by Benny, who’s good at learning languages. He has a “language hacking” system that can make you fluent in a new language in three months. You can learn his system by taking his course or talking to him directly.

Benny and his team of language experts write the blog at Fluent in 3 Months. It has lots of different articles to help you learn languages better. There are over 100 articles on the blog, so there’s plenty to read.

The blog has changed over time. You can see this in how older articles are grouped and written compared to newer ones. It’s not super easy to find all the categories, but most articles are tagged with the language they’re about. They cover languages like Spanish, French, German, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian. There are also lots of articles with tips for learning languages in general.

3. Eurolinguiste

Best Language Learning Blogs Reviewed: 5 Top Must-Follows

Eurolinguiste, created by Shannon Kennedy, is a one-stop platform for language lovers. It offers a variety of content, including blogs, videos, podcasts, and courses, all designed to help people learn languages better. The blog section mainly provides useful tips and resources for language learners. It’s worth noting that as of November 2022, Eurolinguiste‘s website wasn’t secure, which could raise security worries. However, by March 2024, it’s been updated and now offers SSL security.

4. Luca Lampariello

Best Language Learning Blogs Reviewed: 5 Top Must-Follows

Luca Lampariello, an Italian polyglot, manages his website, offering paid courses and free language learning tips. Many people have found success with his coaching, known for being clear and easy to follow. Luca’s language learning approach is easier to understand than others I’ve looked into.

On Luca Lampariello‘s blog, most articles are written by Luca himself, although guests contribute some. Many of his articles also include videos made by Luca, making the content more varied. Luca is known for being genuine despite his success. His blog is transparent, with an option to see all posts in a list. As of March 2024, he has published around 124 articles.

5. Lindsay Does Languages

Best Language Learning Blogs Reviewed: 5 Top Must-Follows

Lindsay Does Languages is a cool platform for language learning. Lindsay Williams started it, and she’s all about keeping learners motivated. Her “Language Life” program is like having a cheerleader to keep you going. It’s different from other language-learning stuff because it’s not just courses or tools—it’s all about staying pumped to learn.

Lindsay writes most, if not all, of the articles on her Languages blog. There are tons of them, maybe more than 500. They’re written in a friendly way, like chatting with a friend, and full of encouragement—she’s like your own personal cheerleader! If you or someone you know needs a boost to stay motivated with language learning, Lindsay’s positive energy could be just what they need.

6. StoryLearning

Best Language Learning Blogs Reviewed: 5 Top Must-Follows

Storylearning is a special way to learn languages created by Olly Richards. Instead of memorizing and grammar, it focuses on using stories. Olly has created lessons, blogs, and podcasts to help learners in every way.

There are more than 1,000 articles on StoryLearning about different topics. Some are short and easy to understand, perfect for a quick read, while others are longer and less organized. One thing I like is how easy it is to use the blog. Everything is in the right place, so finding what you need is easy.

7. Omniglot

Best Language Learning Blogs Reviewed: 5 Top Must-Follows

Omniglot is Simon Ager‘s personal blog. He’s from Wales and is really into languages. Simon writes about all sorts of language stuff on his blog. He’s been doing it since 2006 and still does it today. With all those years of writing, his blog has loads of articles.

Each article is about a specific topic, and Simon talks about interesting things he notices about languages. He knows many languages, so sometimes he compares them in his articles. This can help you learn about different languages.

8. Speaking Fluently

Best Language Learning Blogs Reviewed: 5 Top Must-Follows

Speaking Fluently is run by Richard Simcott, a language expert from Chester, England. He’s known for being good at speaking lots of languages. Richard has a YouTube channel where he shares language tips and helps people with language consulting.

On his blog, Speaking Fluently, Richard has been writing articles since 2011 up to March 2023. It’s a great place for language learners to find tips and stories about improving their languages. There aren’t many articles, but the ones there have helpful tips and stories. Plus, most articles have videos from Richard’s YouTube channel, so you get extra content.

9. Italki

Best Language Learning Blogs Reviewed: 5 Top Must-Follows

Italki is a website where you can learn languages online. You can have private lessons or join group classes, and there are options for different budgets. You can also chat with other people who are learning languages. They offer lessons in languages like English, German, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Russian, and Hindi.

The Italki blog usually features articles written by their team. These articles sometimes include some promotion, but they’re mostly helpful. The blog has sections for each language Italki teaches, and there are also tips and advice on learning, such as phrases, grammar, and speaking skills.

10. Create Your World Book

Best Language Learning Blogs Reviewed: 5 Top Must-Follows

Create Your World Book is a website run by Susanna Zaraysky. She helps people learn languages by using music, movies, and books. She aims to help people understand different cultures and see the world differently.

The blog on Create Your World Book has over 200 articles. It’s not just about learning languages; Susanna also talks about traveling and music. She shares unique ideas about learning languages, which can be helpful for anyone teaching diverse groups of people. Even though there haven’t been new articles since 2021, the older ones are still a great resource for people learning languages independently.


In this review, we’ve explored some of the best language-learning blogs. From Eurolinguiste’s diverse content to Luca Lampariello’s motivational approach, each blog offers something unique. Lindsay Does Languages stands out for its focus on motivation, while StoryLearning provides an innovative method using stories. Omniglot offers a wealth of linguistic musings while Speaking Fluently provides insights from a true polyglot. Italki’s blog is a helpful resource for language learners, and the Create Your World Book offers a unique perspective through culture and media. Whether you’re seeking tips, motivation, or cultural insights, these top language-learning blogs are must-follows for anyone on a language-learning journey.


Q1: What makes a language learning blog one of the best?

Ans: The best language learning blogs typically combine valuable content, diverse resources, and engaging insights into language learning and related topics.

Q2: How can language learning blogs help me?

Ans: Language learning blogs can provide tips, strategies, motivation, and resources to help you improve your language skills, explore new cultures, and connect with other language learners.

Q3: Are these language learning blogs suitable for beginners?

Ans: Yes, many of the reviewed blogs offer content tailored for beginners, including basic language learning tips, beginner-friendly resources, and motivational posts to keep you inspired.

Q4: Are there language learning blogs for specific languages?

Ans: Yes, some language learning blogs focus on specific languages, offering targeted resources, tips, and advice for learners of those languages.

Q5: Can I interact with other language learners on these blogs?

Ans: Some language learning blogs have communities or forums where you can interact with other language learners, share experiences, and ask questions.

Q6: Are the resources on these blogs free?

Ans: Many language learning blogs offer free resources like articles, tips, and videos. However, some may also offer premium content or paid courses.

Q7: How often are these language learning blogs updated?

Ans: The frequency of updates varies among blogs, but most strive to provide regular content updates to keep readers engaged and informed.

Q8: Can I suggest topics or ask the bloggers questions?

Ans: Some language learning blogs welcome readers’ suggestions for topics or questions and may address them in future posts or through direct communication.

Q9: Do these blogs offer content in languages other than English?

Ans: Some language learning blogs may offer content in multiple languages, catering to a diverse audience of language learners worldwide.

Q10: How can I stay updated with new content from these blogs?

Ans: You can stay updated by subscribing to the blogs’ newsletters, following them on social media, or using RSS feeds to receive notifications of new posts.

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