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Famous Myths About Live Casino Games

Only the tales surrounding the online casino’s enigmatic aura are more popular than the online casino itself. Starting…
Famous Myths About Live Casino Games

Only the tales surrounding the online casino’s enigmatic aura are more popular than the online casino itself. Starting with a pair of dice discovered in an Egyptian pharaoh’s tomb and progressing to high-tech live games in real-time, famous myths about casino games have not slowed down and have continued to grow more and more outlandish statements.

However, no one takes the initiative to denounce it because people are terrified of what they don’t understand, and fear is a process that compels the brain to create fantasy stories for its own comfort.

This article will introduce or maybe just remind someone about the popular myths about live casino games and why online casinos are safer than land-based casinos, what is Random Number Generator, and also why luck is almost all you need when playing online!

Casino Games Are Programmed

Yes, they are programmed, but not to deceive you, but to protect you. Guarantees the exact percentage of payback and gives each player an equal chance of winning one difficult mechanism, without which an online casino cannot exist.

Every online casino game has a random number generator or RNG, which is modeled billions of times by casinos and game developers. This myth about malicious programs is probably the most famous, which has already become a complimentary statement of any layman in the world of online casino games.

The organizations that issue online casino licenses and the authorities that govern both land-based and online gaming sites continuously review RNG. Stop believing any “expert” go try to play and you will find that one day you win and another day you may lose.

Count Cards in Live Casino Games Illegal

And yes and no, here you need to find out if it’s possible in principle to count cards in a modern live casino game, for example, Blackjack. All you have to do now is count the cards to see which ones will fall out. If only it was that easy. 

Card counting is nearly extinct nowadays. Card counting is really difficult in both land-based and internet casinos, thanks to significant safeguards implemented by both. While card counting was once a go possible, players can now simply enjoy the game. So, while card counting is lawful, the process itself is nearly impossible. 

Stopping The Roulette in Live Casino Games

The myth that experienced dealers avoid big wins by knowing when to stop roulette is also a fairly common. Magnets, electricity, motors, what supporters of conspiracy theories will not come up with. It is fair to say that the dealer’s skill still matters, because if he has been doing his job for many years, sooner or later he will begin to notice patterns that he can use.

Yes, it is, but there are numerous other external elements that affect the roulette and the ball in addition. Frets cause the ball to bounce a lot while it’s going in the opposite direction of the wheel.

In addition, if the dealer is detected cheating, the casino will be hit with a monstrous fine. Furthermore, unlike the players, the casino is not immune to the fact that gamblers on the other side can cheat.

Online Casino Games are Pure Luck

This statement cannot be called a myth, nor can it be called true. There is an unspoken division of online casino games into those that are based on luck and those in which the player can show his skills that help influence the outcome of the game.

Online live games like Blackjack or Baccarat are of course exactly where a player could apply a strategy while Bingo and Slots are games where chance decides the possibilities to influence the outcome.

Play Live Casino Games To Know the Truth

Having dispelled the most famous myths about live casino games, it remains only to make sure of it by yourself, for example, on the website, where everyone’s favorite live casino games are collected. 

Do not forget that regardless of whether you play pure luck gambling or decide to increase your chances by developing your gaming skills, gambling is based mainly on luck. So play within your capabilities, the day may be unfavorable for visiting Lady Luck. But it’s okay, remember tomorrow is a new day

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