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How to Create New Phantom Wallet: A Simple Guide

Are you ready to step into the world of digital currencies? Creating a new wallet on your browser…
How To Create New Phantom Wallet A Simple Guide

Are you ready to step into the world of digital currencies? Creating a new wallet on your browser is the first step towards securing your crypto assets. Follow these straightforward instructions to set up your wallet seamlessly.

 • Visit the Official Website

Open your browser and navigate to the official Phantom website by typing in the

Create A Robust And Unique Password For Your New Wallet. This Ensures The Utmost Security For Your Digital Assets.

• Initialize the Process

Once the website is loaded, the Phantom start-up interface will grace your screen. If you are a newcomer to the platform, opt for the “Create New Wallet” option.

Create A New Wallet On Browser: A Simple Guide

•Setting Up Your Wallet

Create a robust and unique password for your new wallet. This ensures the utmost security for your digital assets.

•Restoring Existing Wallets

If you’re a returning user, choose the “I already have a wallet” option. Input your seed phrase accurately to restore your previous wallets.

If You'Re A Returning User, Choose The &Quot;I Already Have A Wallet&Quot; Option. Input Your Seed Phrase Accurately To Restore Your Previous Wallets.

• Secure Password Entry

After entering your password, click on the “Continue” button to proceed with the setup process.

• Protect Your Secret Recovery Phrase

A crucial step in this process is storing your “Secret Recovery Phrase” in a safe and confidential location. This phrase is your lifeline to wallet recovery, so treat it with the utmost care.

• Guarding Your Information

Remember, the Phantom team will never ask for your account information. Be cautious and never share your information with anyone.

• Emphasizing Security

Anyone with access to your Secret Recovery Phrase gains control over your funds. Safeguard it as you would your most valuable possession.

• Integration with 1Password

Exciting news! We now offer integration with 1Password, providing you with a secure storage option for your Secret Recovery Phrase.

• Moving Forward

Once your wallet is safeguarded, select “Continue” to proceed.

At this point, you should find yourself on the final onboarding step. Locate the Phantom icon on your browser’s toolbar.

• Chrome Users, Take Note

For Chrome users, the icon will be situated in the top-right corner of your browser. If it’s not immediately visible, look for a “puzzle piece” icon, which grants access to your installed extensions. Among these, you’ll find Phantom. To make it more accessible, click on the “pin icon.”

Creating a New Wallet on Mobile App

If you prefer managing your crypto on the go, the Phantom mobile app provides a user-friendly solution. Here’s a step-by-step guide to setting up your wallet.

Create A New Wallet On Browser: A Simple Guide

• App Marketplace Access

To begin, visit and choose the app marketplace that corresponds to your device type – iOS or Android.

Upon selection, you will be redirected to the appropriate app store. Follow the prompts to download and install the Phantom app on your device.

• App Installation and Launch

Once the installation is complete, open the app to initiate the setup process.

• New User Setup

For new users, selecting “Create a new wallet” will set you on the path to establishing your crypto storage.

• Device Authentication

Enhance the security of your wallet by enabling device authentication. This additional layer of protection prevents unauthorized access.

• Returning User Setup

If you are a returning user, opt for the “I already have a wallet” option. Restore your wallets by entering your seed phrase accurately.

• Safeguard Your Recovery Phrase

As before, ensure your “Secret Recovery Phrase” is stored in a secure location. This phrase remains your sole means of wallet recovery.

 • Security Reminders

Rest assured, the Phantom team does not have access to your seed phrase, nor will they ever solicit your account information.

• Exercising Caution

Sharing your seed phrase compromises your wallet’s security. Keep it confidential to maintain control over your funds.

 • Real-time Updates

Stay informed about wallet activity by enabling notifications. These can be customized in the Settings menu under Notifications.

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