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Iconic Commercials | Volvo Trucks

Iconic Commercials: “The Tower” By Volvo Trucks

Whenever there is a discussion about “Iconic Commercials,” the Volvo commercials will always be the part of it.…

Whenever there is a discussion about “Iconic Commercials,” the Volvo commercials will always be the part of it.

Volvo’s obsession with spectacular marketing is not a new thing. we have seen some fantastic advertisements earlier for example “The Epic Split” Featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme

Or “The Hook,” featuring Volvo’s president Claes Nilsson testing the strength of Volvo FMX.

And trust me, the list is never-ending. So making an extraordinary commercial is not a new thing for Volvo, and here is the new one, “The Tower,” featuring Volvo Trucks president Roger Alm.

This is our biggest launch ever at Volvo Trucks,” Alm says.

As the name says “The Tower,” they have created 15m tower by stacking four heavy-duty trucks on top of each other, and this is done to promote the launch of its new heavy-duty cab-over range in Europe. The range includes the Volvo FH, Volvo FH16, Volvo FM, and Volvo FMX. Imagine creating a tower of 15 m(49 ft) height, which weighs 58 metric tons (127,868 pounds) and placing your president on top of it, Well, that requires some guts. The most important thing is, everything is real, yes, you heard me. Just watch it.

Amazing right?

The ad took about a month to design before it was shot in late 2019 at a testing ground outside Volvo’s hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Essentially, this was made possible thanks to the sturdy construction truck, Volvo FMX, and its new 38-tonne bogie being able to carry the weight of the others.

I’m used to be on top of things, but for me, shooting the truck tower was definitely an unusual day at work. And let’s just say I have a certain respect for heights. I’m a down to earth guy,” said Alm

They did a splendid job, I must say. The next video is behind the scenes. Just enjoy and leave comments.


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