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Panchayat Review | A Must Watch Tale Of Rural India

The Makers of Kota Factory, Which was No-1 web series as per IMDb 2019 rating, bring to you…
Panchayat Review
panchayat review

The Makers of Kota Factory, Which was No-1 web series as per IMDb 2019 rating, bring to you a yet another masterpiece Panchayat. It is a comedy family drama, Abhishek Tripathi is a freshly graduated young man from Delhi, who has to become secretary of the panchayat office of Phulera village due to lack of a better job option. And here begins the story of Panchayat packed with humor and adventure.

Panchayat gives you a great experience in Rural India. This series will make you think whether you are watching a web series or living it. This story is based on the Panchayat of Ballia District Phulera village in Uttar Pradesh. The story of the series starts with an engineer named Abhishek, who, after leaving college, applies for the job of Panchayat Secretary for the safe side and gets his career. Still, apart from that, he cannot found any other job as he wanted.

Abhishek does not like this job at all. He wanted a good salary job in the big city like his friends, while Abhishek’s salary is very less. But due to no other option, Abhishek goes to the job for the panchayat secretary of Phulera village.


Coming to Phulera village, Abhishek meets Braj Bhusan, who is the Pradhan Pati, Vikas, who is the assistant secretary in the Panchayat, Prahlad Pandey who is the deputy Pradhan of the Panchayat and Manju Devi who is the Pradhan of the village of Phulera. Manju Devi is just a pradhan by name, she is not educated, but the other chores of the pradhan are seen by her husband Brij Bhusan, who calls herself the Pradhan Pati.

Abhishek but gets upset after coming here because the village does not have any city-like facilities and is frustrated with his job. Abhishek says that he could never love this village, then Abhishek’s friend advises him that he now has the only option for an excellent job is to prepare for CAT and get this job by clearing it.

Will Abhishek be able to clear the CAT with the job, what problems will come to Abhishek in the role of Panchayat Secretary? And will Abhishek ever fall in love with Phulera village? Watch Panchayat know all this.

The unique thing about Panchayat is its Screenplay, direction, and its cast. Its script will keep you connected to yourself, Deepak Kumar Mishra’s direction will make you feel the best of rural India, and its actors will not disappoint you at all with their performances, they will win your heart with their strong performances.

Raghuveer Yadav who is a well-known artist who played the role of Braj Bhushan as the Pradhan Pati, who wants to be the leader of taking tough decisions like our iron man Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Ji for the good of the public and Nina Gupta Ji Played the role of Manju Devi, wife of Brij Bhushan, who is the Pradhan. Both of them will tickle you a lot and make you laugh.

Panchayat Review
Panchayat review

Who does not know Abhishek Tripathi, aka Jeetu Bhaiya, has played the role of Phulera village secretary, in this too, he has shown his best performance like every time. Vikas, aka Chandan Roy, is killed everyone by his performance, which is the X-Factor of this web series, who played the role of Assistant Secretary in it, played the role of a straightforward person who always has positive thinking and he is always ready to help peoples.

Panchayat Review
Panchayat review

And Faizal Malik completes this Panchayat, who played the role of Deputy Pradhan in the role of Prahlad Pandey. This is a kind of lazy person, but in trouble, he never leaves alone the Pradhan Pati Braj Bhushan. All these people together will not make any lack in your entertainment.

Phulera village in the Panchayat is a village of people living a simple life, who are happy in their little things, the whole town is always ahead to help each other. in this village, there is a water tank, standing on which If someone sees this village, then he falls in love with this village, People of this village says.

In this village, you have to pay an extra 20 Rs for a cold beer. Brij Bhushan Ji’s Loki also has a vital role in the Panchayat, it strengthens the relationship of the people, it makes the work of making people a spoiled work, and Loki also gives bribe in the village of Phulera. Panchayat web series offers social messages from slogans like “दो बच्चे मीठी खीर, उससे ज्यादा बवासीर” and also talks about the women’s essential roles in society.

Panchayat Review
Panchayat review

Panchayat released on 3rd April 2020 on Amazon Prime, and it is a web-series of 8 episodes. All episodes are about 30 minutes.


  1. Gram Panchayat Phulera 
  2. Bhoota Ped 
  3. Chalke Wali Kursi
  4. Hamara Neta Kaisa Ho? 
  5. Computer Nahi Monitor 
  6. Bahot Hua Samman
  7. Ladka Tej Hai Lekin…
  8. Jab Jaago Tabhi Savera 


IMDb: 8.9

Genres: Comedy, Drama।

Director: Deepak Kumar Mishra has known For Permanent Roommates (2014), Humorously Yours (2016).

Writer: Chandan Kumar

Star Cast: Jitendra Kumar, Raghubir Yadav, Neena Gupta।

Supporting actors: Chandan Roy, Faisal Malik, Biswapati Sarkar।

Networks: The Viral Fever (TVF)

Casting: Abhishek Tripathi – Panchayat Secretary (Jitendra Kumar), Brij Bhushan – Pradhan Pati (Raghubir Yadav), Manju Devi – Pradhan (Neena Gupta), Vikas – Assistant Secretary (Chandan Roy) And Prahlad Pandey – Deputy Pradhan (Faisal Malik)

From my side, the Panchayat web series rated 4.5 out of 5 stars. 1 Star for Story, 1 Star for Direction, 1 Star for Acting, 1 Star for Rural India Concept, and 1/2 Star cut for Screenplay.

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