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Plan Your Next Group Trip With Transrentals Bus Hire

Plan Your Next Group Trip With TransRentals Bus Hire

Getting Started Most people don’t rent a bus every day. We understand that it’s a big decision. But,…

Getting Started

Most people don’t rent a bus every day. We understand that it’s a big decision. But, we are sure that a bus rental is the safest and most cost-effective way when traveling in a group.

To select the right bus or minibus for you, all you need is your group size, distance to be traveled, and preferred amenities required in a vehicle. Note that down, and we’ll help you select the right bus to match your trip requirement. Whenever you’re ready, give TransRentals bus on rent a try and get a quote within five minutes. In this post, I will guide you through planning your trip with our bus hire service.

Why Bus Rental?

Renting a bus requires only one condition: a group size of 9 to 56 people Because nobody rents a bus or minibus for 5-6 people. Bushire is the best option when traveling in a group because of the following reasons.

  1. Cost-Effective: Per person cost in bus rental will be the least compared with car rental and other options for the same number of people. A car or SUV can occupy a maximum of nine people, and when it comes to buses and minibusses, they can easily settle 7 to 56 people. Also, you can choose the right vehicle size as per your group size.
  2. More Space Per Person: A bus or minibus provides more space per person when compared with car rental options. You can easily move around from one seat to another, which is practically impossible in a Car.
  3. Easier to conduct activities and Communicate: As I said, Bushire gives you more space to move inside. That gives you plenty of room to conduct activities like Dumb Charades, Antakshari, etc., and enjoy every moment of your bus trip.
  4. Options to Choose From: There is no limit when you look for bus rental options; for smaller size groups, we have Tempo Travellers, For medium size groups, we have minibusses, and for large size buses, we have Volvo and other large-size buses for rental.
  5. Amenities: Our buses come with amenities such as Air Conditioning, Push Back Seats or Luxurious Sofas, Television for entertainment. We also have amenities packed vehicles like Maharaja Tempo and Volvo Buses, where you get to experience a luxurious ride.

A Bus Rental For Every Occasion

Whatever your occasion may be, We have Bushire options available to fulfill your needs.

Bus Hire for School and College Field Trips:

School And College Trip 2

Our Bushire for school and college field trips gives your students safe and reliable transportation. We know that student safekeeping is an essential task for any school or college management. Our buses are fully equipped with safety features like GPS tracking, speed controller, etc. Why wait? Plan your next trip with TransRentals Bus Rental service and enjoy the hassle-free field trip.

Bus Hire for Wedding:

Wedding Bus

Weddings are a headache when it comes to planning and everything precisely. Transportation is an essential part of any wedding in India, and with our bus rental wedding, you don’t have to worry about transportation anymore.

Book our bus rental for the wedding and Shuttle your guests from the ceremony to reception or Drop them off back at the hotel. Hire a bus for Baarat or other functions. We make wedding transportation easier and affordable. You can book now and pay later at the booking date without a  worry. You can hire a bus for weddings up to 60 days before the date of the wedding.

Our recommendations are 56 Seater Ac Bus, 45 Seater Volvo Bus, 36 Seater Ac Bus for Baraat Procession; otherwise, go with luxurious mini buses and Tempo Travellers like Maharaja and PKN models to give your guests a comfortable ride.

Bus Hire for Corporate Events:

Corporate Bus Mee

Plan your next offsite meetings, retreats, and conferences with the TransRentals Corporate bus rental program. With just simple clicks, you can book a bus or minibus for your next corporate trip. Our buses are fully air conditioned, Equipped with amenities like charging points, Wifi, etc., so that you are always connected on the road.

We recommend our 45 seaters Volvo Ac Coaches equipped with all the modern amenities you may require for corporate bus rentals. Hire our luxurious buses for Team Transportation or concerts.

Bus Hire For Group Tours:

Group Tour 1

The beauty of a bus rental lies in the control it offers. You can take charge of your itinerary when planning a group tour. See the sights you want to see and do it on your own time with a tour bus rental. Whether you’re planning a tour of a particular city, a trip for seniors, or an adventure for a youth group, we can help you select the right bus to suit your needs.

Minibus Hire:

Mini Bus 1

Minibuses are a great way to need features of buses and the compactness of cars. For small and medium groups, we have both Ac and Non AC Mini Buses available. We also have Mercedes Edition Buses which are famous for their amenities and luxury.

Tempo Travellers On Rent:

11 Seater1

Tempo Traveller is most famous among travelers, and they are the most sought after vehicles for group and family tours. The reason being the options available. You can choose for AC and Non AC, For several seaters like 9 to 26 seater and luxuriousness like PKN model tempo travelers or Maharaja Tempo Travellers.

Things to keep in mind while choosing the right Bushire vehicle.

We ask you the 2 Most essential questions before proving a reasonable quote: AC or Non AC and Number of people traveling. Using that info, we provide you with our recommendations. Some of them are as follows.

  • Always book for more seats: suppose you are 21 people, go for 22 or more seating capacity vehicles because extra space gives more flexibility to move around, and someone needs privacy.
  • If there are elderly or children, go for the mixed type of seating like a Sleeper and Seater Bus, or Tempo traveler with sofa.
  • Ac bus has non-openable windows, so keep that in mind while booking.
  • Ask for the same amenities that the particular vehicle has, like an entertainment system, Charging points, etc.

With TransRentals, you don’t have to worry about anything because we will guide you through selecting the right vehicle.

Our Bus Rental Options For You.

When it comes to bus rental, we have an extensive menu; just look at the buses that we provide and the tentative cost.

Our Bus Rental Offers

Vehicle NamePer Day Rate
45 Seater Volvo Bus for Rent30000
Bharat Benz 45 Seater AC Coach on Rent18600
41 Seater AC Bus13200
56 Seater Bus on Rent13500
Bharat Benz 36 Seater AC Coach on Rent12500
45 Seater AC Bus for Rent13800

Our Mini Bus Rental Offers

29 Seater Bus For Rent9600
20 Seater AC Bus For Rent7800

Our Tempo Traveler Rental Offers

26 Seater Tempo Traveller on Rent7400
Tempo Traveller 17 Seater on Rent6500
Teampo Traveller 22 Seater on Rent7200
Tempo Traveller 9 Seater on Rent5600
Tempo Traveller 11 Seater on Rent5400
Tempo Traveller 16 Seater on Rent6000
Tempo Traveller 14 Seater on Rent5700

How do I Rent a Bus from TransRentals?

Just Search Select and Book; That’s How Easy It Is!!!!

We have a very straightforward process. First you select your location and vehicle type and hit the search button. We will list out all the available models at that location and just provide your details we will send you the quote.

Frequently Asked Questions for Bus Rental.

  1. Do I have to make full payment at the time of booking?
    No, Our bus booking process is book now and pay later in which you can pay minor booking fees and reserve your bus.
  2. What happens if my vehicle breaks down during the trip?
    Although we work with the best service providers but sometimes shit happens. But don’t worry our network is strong enough to provide you with the assistant for any emergency situation.
  3. What is included in my bus rental?
    Our quote enlists clearly all the inclusions and charges. Usually the price includes bus and fuel and driver. You need to pay the Driver Allownace , Toll and Parking Charges and Any other charges if accured during the trip.
  4. How do I pay for bus rental?
    Once the quote is generated you just need to pay the booking amount which is 10% of the total trip cost. This you can pay through UPI and Direct Bank Transfer as guided by our sales manager.
  5. How can I contact TransRentals?
    Just call us on 09737965551 and our sales manager will guide you with your requirement.
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