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React JS and Angular JS: Which is better?

Javascript is one of the most popular programming languages among developers. Today, lots of developers, fresher, senior developers are…
React Js And Angular Js

Javascript is one of the most popular programming languages among developers. Today, lots of developers, fresher, senior developers are loved to building their websites and projects using javascript. However, there is still confusion between developers on which library and frameworks are best for their projects and websites.

React js, and Angular js is the topmost popular framework. However, many people and developers are still confused about which framework is excellent and easy to use, and freshers want to know which frameworks are more in demand in the market for job purposes.

(react js and angular js)

Let’s have a quick introduction to React js and Angular js.

React js(Javascript Library)

React js, also known as React.js and React, are a free and open-source front-end javascript library for building user interfaces (UI) or UI components. It is maintained by Facebook and a community of individual developers and companies. React js can be used as a base for developing single-page and mobile applications, and it’s also used for view layers for web and mobile applications.

History of Reactjs

  • Reactjs was created by Jordan Walker in 2011 and open source it in May 2013.
  • Facebook released React 16.0 in September 2017.
  • The latest version React Fiber was released with Reactjs 16 in September 2017.
  • The stable version 17.0.1 of Reactjs was released on 22 Oct 2020.
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Angular(Javascript FrameWork)

Google developed AngularJs in 2010. Until 2016 it used to be called 2016 Angular team released Angular 2, which was a complete 

Angular js is a Javascript open-source front-end web framework for developing single-page applications, and Angular js is a structural framework for dynamic web applications. Angular use HTML as your template language so angular can quickly and clearly express your applications. Angular is managed by Google and a community of individuals, companies.

Angular is a framework for creating single-page applications using HTML and Typescript. Angular is written in typescript, and it’s also known as Angular 2.

History of Angular

  • Google released angular js in 2010.
  • Angular two was released in September 2016.
  • Angular 4.0 was released in March 2017.
  • Angular 5.0 was released in Nov 2017.
  • Angular 6.0 was released in May 2018.
  • Angular 7.0 was released in Oct 2018.
  • Angular 8.0 was released in May 2019.
  • Angular 9.0 was released in Feb 2020.
  • Angular 10.0 was released in June 2020.
  • Angular 11.0 was released in Nov 2021.

This is the meaning of React js and Angular js now; let’s see the difference between these two frameworks, and React js is not a framework. It’s a library.


1.1 Reactjs

If I am talking about Reactjs, then you have general knowledge of CSS and HTMLjavascript. The Basic knowledge of javascript is not enough to react if you know about the objects, functions, Dom, arrow functions, spread operators, and how it’s all things work and structured objects. These are just basic knowledge, and you will understand them a lot.

Prerequisites for Reactjs: HTML, CSS, Javascript.

1.2 Angularjs or Angular

In Angular, the entire code is written in typescript. If you want to learn angular, then you have basic knowledge of typescript. Don’t be scared to typescript. If you have good javascript knowledge, you can quickly shift in typescript, and it will take only a few weeks to learn typescript. Typescript helps us to write error-free code.

Prerequisites for Angular: Javascript and Typescript.


2.1 Reactjs

React is just a tiny library. The core fundamentals foundational Concepts of Reactjs can be learned within 15 days or 20 days, and that’s it because it’s just a tiny library. Many things are missing in Reactjs, not because it cannot be done. We use third-party modules to achieve those things, for example, routing.

Concepts of Reactjs: Easy to learn, and it will take less time to learn.

2.2 Angular

Angular is an extensive gigantic framework because angular is not dependent on the third party, such as routing or many other things. Everything is built-in and cooked up in angular that means you’re going to take some time to learn the concepts of Angular it’s not possible to understand angular within 15 or 20 days probably, it will take two months, structured and sometimes it will more time to understand concepts of Angular.

Concepts Of Angular: Hard to understand, and it will take more time to learn it.

React Vs. Angular: The Complete Comparison

ParametersReact Angular
TypeReact is a javascript library.Angular is a complete framework.
Installation TimeReact takes a long time to set up but developing projects and applications are fast.Angular takes a short time to set up by developing projects, and applications are slow.
Best FeatureIt gives you freedom for choosing different types of libraries and architecture, for developing projects and applicationsIt offers limited freedom and flexibility.
Written In JavascriptTypescript
Model It is based on Virtual DOMBased on MVC(Model view controller)
Community SupportFacebook and Developer TeamGoogle and Developer Team
RestrictionReacts give you an option to choose without putting any performance penalty.An Angular framework is compassionate, which means that it restricts you from using large models.
Language Preference JSX-Javascript XMLTypescript
Abstraction Strong Medium
Adding javascript library to the source codePossibleNot Possible
Use of libraries React can be packed with other programming libraries.Angular is a complete solution in itself.
Testing and Debugging A set of the tool is required for testing and debugging.A single tool is required for testing and debugging.

Which Is Better?

Many developers are loved to use react for creating a single-page application but react and angular both are great options for creating a single-page application. There might be statements like Reactjs is better than Angular.

It’s up to you what’s your choice you need to make choices based on your functionality and usability requirements.

What’s your choice, Reactjs or Angularjs? Make comments.