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5 Reasons why Lionel Messi is better than Cristiano Ronaldo

Messi is much more gifted with the Technics than Ronaldo.

Messi is much more gifted with Technics.

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Ronaldo lovers always bring up status- well, here is some position we have for you: It took Cristiano Ronaldo 56 shots more than Lionel Messi to score just three goals more than him last year. Cristiano Ronaldo seems to be shooting at every opportunity he gets (instead of passing the ball to his teammates) and scores 31 goals in 216 shots! However, Messi scored 28 goals in just 160 opportunities. Messi is also credited to be a high scorer when it comes to assisting- because that’s how Barcelona players play- helping and passing all the time. Real, however- believes only in a counter attack and long ball.

Messi is very disciplined than Ronaldo.

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Cristiano Ronaldo has been seen to be involved in fights on many occasions. It wasn’t a new experience for us to see Ronaldo being shown the yellow card or sent off. Fouls come naturally to Ronaldo. Messi, although he has faced yellows, statistically- Messi is much more disciplined than Ronaldo. Messi’s highest yellow cards were in a season 3, back in 2013-14. Ronaldo’s highest number of yellow cards were in a season was 16 in that same year, 2013-14! Apart from that, Ronaldo was also sent off in that season. Messi has not faced a red card yet, while Ronaldo was sent off eight times since his career started in 2003.

Messi’s International Records.

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This was where Ronaldo was about to beat Messi, and all Ronaldo lovers used to point out. But let us remind you, every time Ronaldo has led Portugal into the World Cup or any other championships has only led to disappointment. Ronaldo isn’t a leader that players look up to. He’s selfish- he’s way to a drama queen, and most of, all he dives to the ground in every opportunity he gets. On the other hand, Messi led his team to the World Cup finals and gave an excellent fight to Germany. He single-handedly led the team from in the group stage- beat that Ronaldo!

Messi is an Endless Scorer.

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Ronaldo might be a great goal scorer- but Messi adds the word “Endless” before it. Scoring 91 goals in a single season is a feat that Ronaldo can only dream of achieving- even in Real Madrid, where players look up to him as the #9 and the #7 player of the team (#9=poacher, #7=talented / trickster). Messi has more free-kick goals than Ronaldo! Messi used to play in the false nine positions back in Pep Guardiola days- which made him a playmaker and a poacher- both!

Messi has more awards than Ronaldo.

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If you step back and look forward at the awards and distinctions these players have achieved for themselves or their nation or club, there is not much difference in both of them. However, Messi has more gold than Ronaldo or any other football player in the world. He has 4 Ballon d’Or awards, which he won consecutively- which is a record. He was even the Best Player of the Tournament in the FIFA 2014 World Cup. He also won every award to be a professional footballer- apart from the World Cup, of course, which he was very close to winning last year.

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