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Equipment Rental In India

The Ultimate Guide for Equipment Rental In India

The construction industry in India is growing at a fast pace. We are continually seeing a new project getting started here and there. With 28 km of the road getting constructed daily, there is a high demand for India’s construction equipment. The construction market contributes 7% of the Indian GDP, and that is huge.

The construction industry in India is growing at a fast pace. We are continually seeing a new project getting started here and there. With 28 km of the road getting constructed daily, there is a high demand for India’s construction equipment. The construction market contributes 7% of the Indian GDP, and that is huge.

The Construction Equipment segment constitutes of following product divisions:-

  1. Earth-moving Equipment

Earth-moving types of equipment are helpful in excavation, leveling, digging, grading, etc., operations.

  • Backhoe Loader: A backhoe loader machine is used to dig or excavate a natural surface. With Backhoe Loader, manual effort is reduced when digging is required below machine level. 
  • Excavator: Excavators are heavy construction equipment consisting of a boom, dipper (or stick), bucket, and cab on a rotating platform known as the “house.” It is generally track-typed and used for digging, demolition, mining, etc. The different attachments can be used with an excavator in place of the bucket, such as an auger, rock breaker, etc.
  • Bulldozer: As the name suggests, A bulldozer is a large motorized machine that travels on tracks and is equipped a with metal blade) to the front for pushing material: soil, sand, snow, rubble, or rock during construction or conversion work. Bulldozers are also called crawlers.

The bulldozer is used to push large quantities of soil, sand, or other construction material to construct roads, buildings, etc. Usually, a bulldozer is a track-type equipment that is without wheels.

  • Skid Steer Loader: A skid loader, skidsteer loader, or skid steer is a small, rigid-frame, engine-powered machine with lift arms that can attach to a wide variety of labor-saving tools or attachments.
  • Wheeled Loader: The wheeled loader is used to transfer material from stock to construction sites and trucks. The wheeled loader comes in various sizes depending upon the bucket’s size and terrain or area available for movement.
  • Motor Grader: Motor Grader or Grader is an essential piece of equipment consisting of a Large blade, Greenfield projects, and a flat surface. It is used for cutting, spreading, and leveling of material.
  • Wheel Dozer: A Wheel Dozer is a bulldozer with wheels and is used for mining and construction work. Wheel dozers have push blocks and dozer blades for clearing, leveling, and grading land.
  1. Concreting Equipments

Concrete is a primarily used material in the construction process, and its reach to the project site in an appropriate state holds a lot of importance. Apart from this, processing, mixing, and spreading concrete is also a critical construction process. The equipment that takes care of the concrete – be it mixing, applying, or transporting defines concreting equipment.                      

  • Transit Mixers: Concrete Transit Mixer is a drum mounted on chassis, a self-rotating drum that keeps the concrete mix in an appropriate state and makes it possible to transport ready-mix concrete from the batching plant to the project site. The concrete transported is measured in cubic meters.
  • Concrete Batching Plant: Concrete Batching Plant is generally a fixed asset used to prepare or manufacture ready mix concrete as per the contractor’s requirement. It is operated by a skilled operator who works on a panel board.
  • Concrete Pump: This equipment is used for the spreading of concrete as per project site requirements. There are stationary concrete pumps, truck-mounted concrete pumps (called Moli pumps), and concrete boom pumps (for high-rise pumping), which can be used according to construction location.
  • Hot Mix Plant: A mixing plant produces asphalt for laying on roads through its electronic and mechanical parts to mix dry concrete and additives at a required temperature. The mixture consists of concrete, stones, sand, asphalt cement, and crude oil in proportion as required for paving roads.
  1. Material Handling Equipment
  • Crawler Cranes & Truck-mounted Cranes: The market of used and refurbished imported cranes – truck mounted and crawler has grown rapidly in the last few years. These cranes are of America, Germany, China, etc., and manufacturers, as well as traders, export these used cranes by way of ship. These cranes come in dismantled condition on ports and then assembled into the final piece. Demag, Grove, P&H, Manitowoc, Coles, Kato, Faun, ACE, Liebherr, etc., are a few of the prominent names of manufacturers in this segment, the range of 35 to 600-ton crane capacity.
  • Pick n Carry Cranes: Pick n Carry Cranes usually start from 8 tons capacity and range up to 24-25 tons capacity. Earlier, the demand for 10 -12 tons capacity pick n carry cranes was prominent, but as the big infrastructure projects took off, choose n n cranes of tonnage capacity from 15 to 25 became popular.

Equipment Rental In India

  • Tower Cranes: Tower cranes are fixed cranes. The tower crane manufacturers focus on cranes that are of higher lifting capacity and can lift heavier loads in the mechanization of the construction process. In addition to the real estate sector, the usage of tower cranes is being done in power projects. They are used to lift turbines and generators and for building structures.
  • Forklifts: A forklift is lifting equipment used in the lifting of cargo and useful for industrial usage and warehouses.
  1. Road Construction Equipment
  • Compaction Equipment: Soil Compactor and Vibratory Roller are useful for soil compaction and asphalt compaction in road projects. It is in giving a smooth finishing to roads constructed.
  • Paver Finisher (Sensor/ Mechanical): This equipment helps to spread asphalt mix produced by the hot mix plant on roads, bridges, etc., for providing a smooth finish before the same is compacted.
  1. Tunneling and Drilling Equipment
  • Piling Rig (Rotary Drilling Rig): It is a drilling machine used for drilling in sandy soil, clay, etc., and is best utilized in foundation engineering such as metro rail projects, construction of bridges and flyovers, etc.
  1. Construction Vehicles
  • Dumpers: A dumper or Dump Truck is a vehicle used for carrying material in bulk quantities from one place to another. In the construction segment, stone aggregates, sand, etc., are transported using a dumper from one place to the project site.

Equipment Rental In India

Road construction and development of highways remain the focus of the construction industry and are the primary demand driver of construction equipment. Other demand drivers include developing urban infrastructure, transportation, water and irrigation projects, railway project, etc. Along with this, even the equipment rental business is expected to grow at a minimum 16% rate.

Pros of Construction Equipment Rental In India

Buying heavy construction equipment is expensive and not always advisable. It is much more profitable to rent Construction equipment from a reliable company. Leasing allows you to save money on the purchase and maintenance of the equipment.

Special equipment (or special equipment) is a broad category that includes a relatively large variety of highly specialized machines. The main feature of special equipment is its specific application area. It is doubtful you will need a crane if you will carry out digging a pit. The narrow focus of special equipment makes it very costly to purchase several machines to perform just one task. In this case, the ideal option is to rent special heavy equipment in India.

When carrying out construction or repair work, one cannot do without any special equipment: bulldozers, excavators, cranes, dump trucks, concrete mixers, etc. Is it worth it to spend money on purchasing all the above (very expensive!) Mechanisms, if you need them for a short time or perform only one task. Of course not.

Construction equipment rental allows you to save little and get your work done by hiring a specific machine for a particular period. You do not need to spend additional funds for the maintenance and placement of special equipment.

Things to consider while hiring construction machinery from any company.

When you approach a company for equipment hire, keep following things in mind before making a final decision.

  • The technical condition of the machine and the year of its release.
  • Availability of registration documentations.
  • Availability of information about the latest maintenance.
  • The equipment rental cost
  • At your first meeting, company employees should have sufficient information about their machines’ state to give you comprehensive answers to all questions you may have. Before you special rent equipment, you should ask about the company’s reputation with which you want to agree.

How to choose the right equipment rental company in India?

Construction equipment has a complex operation and requires extensive care. Therefore, before renting heavy machinery, you must ensure that the company provides you with skillful operators. This will prevent fatal time and accident losses. Thus, you must first make sure that the company owns these vehicles, includes user manuals, or, if necessary, coordinates a training course for operators.

Also, review the contract for the rental of heavy machinery. For that, you must have well defined the following things:

  1. Conditions of use: Location, Days, number of hours, etc.
  2. Distribution of expenses: the owner company typically covers the repairs and maintenance of heavy machinery. While the cost of fuel and replacement of material due to attrition is borne by the company that rents the equipment.
  3. Fast Maintenance: Ensure that the company that owns the heavy machinery has an excellent and assorted stock of spare parts (in case of any eventuality).

How to find a reliable equipment rental company in India?

Finding a reliable company for construction equipment rental in India is a Headache because itis a highly unorganized sector. This is where TransRentals can save you from a lot of trouble. As we work with the best quality equipment rental companies, we make sure you get the best. TransRentals helps you find the best reliable equipment rental companies and guide you throughout the procurement process. 

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