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Top 10 Filmmaking Blogs of 2024

Discovering valuable filmmaking resources can be overwhelming with the plethora of blogs available. But fear not! Here’s a…
Top 10 Filmmaking Blogs Of 2024

Discovering valuable filmmaking resources can be overwhelming with the plethora of blogs available. But fear not! Here’s a simplified list of the top 10 film blogs online. These websites cover everything from DIY directing tricks to the latest gear reviews, making them essential for aspiring indie producers. Whether you’re into tech, tips, news, or story analysis, these blogs have you covered. Let’s dive in and explore the best sites for filmmakers to learn and grow.

1. Indiewire

For over 25 years, IndieWire has been a top destination for filmmakers. It’s a go-to hub for all things related to filmmaking news and culture, offering an unparalleled depth and breadth of coverage. Originally starting as an online chat room in 1996, IndieWire has grown exponentially. Today, it stands out from other filmmaker websites’ constant flow of diverse, high-profile film articles. While it may not provide detailed insights into specific production roles like UPM or 1st AD, IndieWire’s interviews offer glimpses behind the scenes with A-list talents such as the Daniels, Greta Gerwig, and Todd Field. Additionally, while it may not give producers a roadmap for mastering festival runs, IndieWire’s news updates delve deep into topics ranging from the Oscars to must-see movies premiering at events like the Berlin Film Festival.

Indiewire Vector Logo

IndieWire takes you behind the scenes in films like Daniels’s “Everything Everywhere All at Once.” It’s one of the best places for filmmakers to stay informed about film culture. Few other filmmaking blogs offer the same level of access and reputation. If you want to keep up with the latest in the film world from a filmmaker’s perspective, IndieWire might be your best bet.

2. CineD

CineD stands out among filmmaking blogs for its exclusive focus on gear and technology. Unlike similar blogs, CineD goes above and beyond in examining equipment quality. While many blogs only scratch the surface with technical specs and brief impressions, CineD takes a deeper approach. They conduct extensive lab testing and evaluate how gear performs in real-world settings. Whether you’re looking for detailed gear guides or specific how-to guides, CineD covers everything. Their dedication to exploring the latest tools and gadgets shows why the production industry is so fascinated by technology.

Top 10 Filmmaking Blogs Of 2024

3. No Film School

No Film School is one of the most popular websites for filmmakers worldwide. They offer many articles covering news, tutorials, analysis, interviews, and more. What sets them apart is their focus on both the culture and craftsmanship of movies. For over a decade, they’ve been delivering content daily, catering to filmmakers with their motto “by filmmakers, for filmmakers.” This approach gives their content a unique edge compared to other filmmaking blogs. No Film School covers various topics tailored to filmmakers navigating the creative process.

Top 10 Filmmaking Blogs Of 2024

No Film School is a practical filmmaking resource. Every weekday, contributors discuss budget-friendly camera options, offer advice for improving dialogue writing, and analyze the distinctive style of filmmakers like David Fincher. Their extensive library of tips and insights is invaluable for filmmakers of all levels.

4. The Wrapbook Blog

Top 10 Filmmaking Blogs Of 2024

The Wrapbook Blog stands out among filmmaker websites by focusing on the practical aspects of production that many other blogs overlook. We’re dedicated to helping filmmakers create professional-grade productions by covering everything from union paperwork to payroll management and production tax credits. Our blog explores cutting-edge tools and techniques like digital cost reports and virtual production. We even offer free templates and resources to help quickly get your next shoot off the ground. Unlike other filmmaking blogs, we’re backed by Wrapbook, providing reliable support for filmmakers.

Explore the demo to discover how Wrapbook can benefit you. Wrapbook offers a complete solution for entertainment payroll and production insurance. Our digital tools are tailored to empower filmmakers by simplifying production management. With features like streamlined onboarding and quicker wrap-ups, Wrapbook helps you save time and focus on making movies.

5. RedShark News

Top 10 Filmmaking Blogs Of 2024

RedShark News covers the intersection of production and technology. It keeps readers up to date with a mix of news and easy-to-understand analysis.

RedShark stands out among tech-focused filmmaker websites by finding a special blend of technical knowledge and real-world usefulness.

Every week, RedShark provides quick summaries of important product releases and updates. They also have articles that explore specific topics in filmmaking, such as understanding the difference between desirable and undesirable softness in lenses.

In its technology section, RedShark links filmmaking to broader tech advancements. They cover topics like the legal aspects of AI or the evolution of HD video.

If you’re a producer who wants to stay updated without feeling overwhelmed, RedShark News is one of the best video production blogs to keep you thoroughly informed.

6. Raindance Blog

Raindance Png Images | Pngwing

The Raindance blog is linked to the renowned Raindance Film Festival, making it a central hub for independent filmmaking. It combines the DIY approach of video production blogs with insights from filmmakers within the festival community, creating a diverse range of content not found on other filmmaker websites. From specific niche topics to essential fundamentals, the Raindance blog covers everything important to indie filmmakers. Whether you’re looking for advice on purchasing prop money or insights into film financing, you’ll find it here.

7. The Anonymous Production Assistant

Top 10 Filmmaking Blogs Of 2024

The Anonymous Production Assistant offers a straightforward take on life behind the scenes in filmmaking. Based on the experiences of professional PAs, the blog provides an insider’s view of the highs, lows, and challenges of working in production.

However, assuming that The Anonymous Production Assistant blog is only relevant for PAs would be inaccurate. Alongside tips for newcomers and learning on-set skills, it also covers topics like managing a production office, becoming part of the DGA, and more.

No matter where you are in the crew, The Anonymous Production Assistant’s straightforward insights into behind-the-scenes work offer valuable learning opportunities for everyone.


Top 10 Filmmaking Blogs Of 2024 offers an abundance of resources for aspiring screenwriters. Started by professional screenwriter John August in 2003, it has become the go-to destination for screenwriting advice. John shares his expertise and industry insights, drawing from his extensive experience working on films like Charlie’s Angels and Frankenweenie.

But the real highlight is John’s podcast, Scriptnotes. Alongside Craig Mazin, known for his work on Chornobyl and The Last of Us, they delve into storytelling techniques and navigating the Hollywood system.

John’s blog and podcast provide a valuable learning experience in screenwriting, essentially a free masterclass in storytelling for the screen.

John August is a seasoned professional with nearly thirty years of industry experience. While his blog might not assist with tasks like creating shooting schedules or budgeting for your next film, it’s unmatched among filmmaker websites for screenwriting resources.

9. The Film Independent Blog

Top 10 Filmmaking Blogs Of 2024

Film Independent, a non-profit organization, supports independent filmmakers through various programs, events, and grants. Their blog further extends this support by offering valuable information and personal insights from the indie community.

Unlike typical video production blogs, Film Independent’s blog prioritizes intimacy and accessibility over gear-centric content. It focuses more on people and their stories.

The blog frequently features projects receiving fiscal support from Film Independent and profiles of the filmmakers involved. Additionally, it provides reviews, indie news, and in-depth discussions on film craftsmanship.

10. The Current (from The Criterion Collection)

Top 10 Filmmaking Blogs Of 2024

The Current is an online magazine by the revered Criterion Collection, dedicated to exploring film culture from past to present. It features high-quality journalism and analysis from a variety of perspectives.

From in-depth essays to interviews with filmmakers and visual breakdowns of classic movies, The Current celebrates film’s art, craftsmanship, and cultural impact. It goes beyond industry details and reviews, delving into why we’re all drawn to movies’ magic.

Moreover, The Current offers an exclusive peek into the creation of your favorite Criterion covers, providing you with privileged insights into their unique design process.


As we come to the culmination of our exploration into the best filmmaking blogs of 2024, it’s essential to reflect on the wealth of knowledge and inspiration these platforms offer aspiring and seasoned filmmakers alike. Each of the following blogs has demonstrated a commitment to excellence, providing valuable insights, tutorials, industry news, and creative inspiration to the global filmmaking community.


Q1: What criteria were used to determine the top filmmaking blogs of 2024?

Ans: The selection process considered content quality, relevance, update frequency, user engagement, and overall impact on the filmmaking community.

Q2: Are these blogs suitable for beginners or professionals?

Ans: The list includes a variety of blogs catering to different skill levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals. You’ll find resources tailored to your expertise level.

Q3: Do these blogs cover all aspects of filmmaking?

Ans: Yes, the selected blogs cover a wide range of topics, including screenwriting, directing, cinematography, editing, production, and distribution. You’ll find valuable insights regardless of your specific interests in filmmaking.

Q4: Are the blogs free to access or require subscriptions?

Ans: Most blogs offer free access to their content, but some may have premium sections or subscription options for exclusive resources or courses.

Q5: Do these blogs feature interviews with industry professionals?

Ans: Many top filmmaking blogs regularly feature interviews with industry professionals, offering valuable insights, tips, and behind-the-scenes stories.

Q6: Are there any interactive elements on these blogs, such as forums or communities?

Ans: Some blogs have interactive elements like forums, comment sections, or online communities where filmmakers can connect, share ideas, and seek advice from fellow enthusiasts.

Q7: Do the blogs provide tutorials or guides for specific filmmaking techniques or equipment?

Ans: Yes, most of the top filmmaking blogs offer tutorials, guides, and how-to articles covering various filmmaking techniques, equipment reviews, and software tutorials.

Q8: Are there resources for independent filmmakers or those on a budget?

Ans: Absolutely! Many of the selected blogs understand the challenges faced by independent filmmakers and offer resources, tips, and advice tailored to working with limited budgets.

Ans: Yes, the blogs keep readers updated on the latest trends, technologies, and innovations shaping the film industry, ensuring you stay informed and ahead of the curve.

Q10: Can I submit my content or contribute to these blogs?

Ans: Some of the blogs accept guest contributions or submissions. You can check their respective guidelines or reach out to the blog owners to inquire about opportunities for collaboration or contribution.

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