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Top 10 Travel Blogs of India

As specialists in personalized trips to India, the Enchanting Travels team presents you with India’s top 10 travel…
Top 10 Travel Blogs Of India

As specialists in personalized trips to India, the Enchanting Travels team presents you with India’s top 10 travel blogs. We’ve scoured the web for numerous blogs, reviewing them based on writing quality, originality, and how well they capture India’s spirit.

We’ve been avid followers of some of these bloggers for years and can attest to their deep passion for travel in India. Their exceptional work has earned them prestigious awards in the travel media industry!

1. Traveltalesfromindia. in

Via Diaries With Blogger Mridula Dwivedi - Travel Blog

Mridula Dwivedi has shared her travel experiences on her blog, Travel Tales from India, for nearly 12 years.

Initially, her blog focused on travel within India, but as she shifted from her academic career to writing full-time, it now includes articles from her travels worldwide. Whether you need tips for navigating Kerala’s monsoons or finding accommodation in Rajasthan’s deserts, her blog covers you.

With features in BBC and The Guardian, Dwivedi has gained international recognition for her travel expertise.


Prasad Np (@Desitraveler) • Instagram Photos And Videos

Prasad Np shares his experiences traveling across India on his blog, Desitraveler. He writes about traveling with his family in comfort and style and his solo backpacking adventures.

The blog contains valuable tips for traveling in India, including dos and don’ts. You can search for specific destinations or states, which helps plan detailed trips across India. Whether you want to avoid altitude sickness in Ladakh or understand the intricacies of a festival in a particular Indian city, this blog has the information you need.

One standout feature of Desitraveler is the stunning photography, all captured by Prasad himself. His photos perfectly showcase the essence of India. Prasad NP understands that the journey itself is as important as the destination!


Top 10 Travel Blogs Of India

Dheeraj Sharma’s blog,, celebrates the stunning beauty of the Himalayas in India. Despite his day job in software, Sharma writes passionately about the region’s majestic snow-capped peaks and valleys.

The blog features a practical travel calendar to update you on Ladakh and Spiti Valley events. It also provides valuable and tested tips for traveling by air, bike, foot, or 4×4 vehicle, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey. offers an extensive list of accommodations in the Himalayan region. The blog is committed to noble causes and hosts the Adventure Club, inviting community members to join local tours that support the rural Himalayas.


Top 10 Travel Blogs Of India

For nearly a decade, Indrani Ghose, known as Desi girl, has been sharing her adventures through captivating photographs on her blog, With a strong sense of patriotism, she covers various topics, from reviewing Indian cars to sharing ghost stories from haunted palaces and recommending delicious dining spots.

Ghose’s blog has expanded to include her travels to over 19 countries and 225 cities worldwide. Despite her background as a trained engineer in the Indian Air Force, she now thrives as a freelance writer. is also where you’ll find unique content, like British Prime Minister Theresa May wearing a traditional sari during her recent visit to India.


Top 10 Travel Blogs Of India

A former journalist, Lakshmi Sharath traded her desk job for a life of constant exploration. Through her blog,, she vividly shares her backpacking adventures across India, blending heritage, culture, and mythology into captivating stories.

With her authentic and engaging style, Sharath has become a prominent travel influencer in India. Her blog is regularly quoted and featured in national and global publications, including National Geographic Traveller and the Deccan Herald.


Shivya Nath

Arti, the blogger behind My Yatra Diary based in Mumbai, beautifully inspires your love for travel in India. She incorporates poetry from Indian writers like Munshi Premchand and Rabindranath Tagore into her blog, connecting it to her own travel experiences.

Yatra, meaning pilgrimage in Hindi, reflects Arti’s focus on spiritual destinations in India. Her blog is a testament to her continuous quest for learning and truth-seeking.

Arti has been quoted in the Hindu and is frequently featured on the Times of India travel website.


Top 10 Travel Blogs Of India

Travel blogger Anuradha Goyal explores every state in India, including lesser-visited ones like Odisha and Meghalaya in the northeast. With over a decade of experience, Goyal’s confident and fearless writing style shines through, particularly in her focus on walking tours and art history and culture.

Her blog, Inditales, features a vast collection of Indian bird photographs, making it a must-visit for bird enthusiasts worldwide.


Tony John - Tony John Updated Their Cover Photo.

Created by Tony John and his team of travel enthusiasts, India’s travel blog is a valuable resource for travelers. It is a review site for accommodations, tour companies, and activities.

Whether you’re seeking the perfect Ayurveda spa resort in Kerala or a cozy homestay in the Western Ghats, this blog has plenty of information to inspire you for your next Indian getaway.


Top 10 Travel Blogs Of India

Operated by two travel enthusiasts from Mumbai, India, Someday offers insights into Indian culture. Unlike other travel blogs, it values and highlights luxury travel and backpacking experiences in India.

This blog is especially helpful for international travelers planning to visit India, as it provides useful information on topics like navigating e-visas.


Homepage · Sandeepachetan'S Travel Blog

Check out this awesome travel blog by Sandeepa and Chetan, a Mumbai couple who ditched their house to travel the world non-stop two years back. They spill the beans on India’s best train rides, stunning landscapes, monastery festivals, and hidden trekking spots. Plus, they share their must-have electronic gadgets and photo gear in the “Our Travel Gear” section. Don’t miss out on their inspiring adventures!


In conclusion, these top 10 travel blogs of India offer a treasure trove of insights, tips, and inspiration for adventurers and wanderers alike. These blogs cover it all with passion and expertise, from hidden gems to iconic landmarks. Whether planning your next trip or simply seeking armchair travel adventures, these blogs are your go-to sources for all things travel-related in India. Happy exploring!


Q1: What makes these travel blogs stand out?

Ans: These blogs offer unique perspectives, personal anecdotes, and insider tips from experienced travelers who have explored every nook and cranny of India.

Q2: Are these blogs suitable for all types of travelers?

Ans: Yes, whether you’re a budget backpacker, luxury traveler, solo adventurer, or family vacationer, you’ll find valuable insights and recommendations tailored to your preferences.

Q3: Can I trust the information provided in these blogs?

Ans: Absolutely! The authors of these blogs are passionate travelers who have firsthand experience of the destinations they write about. They provide honest and reliable information to help you plan your trips effectively.

Q4: Are there specific topics covered in these blogs?

Ans: Yes, these blogs cover many topics, including destination guides, travel tips, accommodation reviews, food recommendations, adventure activities, cultural insights, and more.

Q5: How frequently are these blogs updated?

Ans: Most blogs are regularly updated with new content, including fresh travel stories, destination guides, and practical tips to keep you informed and inspired.

Q6: Can I interact with the authors of these blogs?

Ans: Many blogs have active social media channels and comment sections where you can engage with the authors, ask questions, and share your travel experiences.

Q7: Are there any additional resources provided in these blogs?

Ans: Some blogs offer resources such as packing lists, travel itineraries, photography tips, and recommended gear to enhance your travel experience.

Q8: Do these blogs cover only Indian destinations?

Ans: While the primary focus of these blogs is on Indian travel, you’ll also find articles about international destinations, travel hacks, and global adventures to satisfy your wanderlust.

Q9: Are these blogs suitable for first-time travelers to India?

Ans: Absolutely! Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or embarking on your first trip to India, you’ll find plenty of valuable information and practical advice to make your journey smooth and memorable.

Q10: How can I stay updated with the latest posts from these blogs?

Ans: You can subscribe to the newsletters, follow the social media accounts, or bookmark the websites of these blogs to receive notifications whenever new content is published.

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