10 Cheapest European Countries to Visit from India


Poland is a beautiful country that offers plenty of attractions and sights for budget-conscious travelers. Poland is a must-visit destination. 


Estonia is a small country in the Baltic region that's known for its beautiful nature and rich history.


Romania is one of the most affordable destinations in Europe and has a rich history that's waiting to be explored. 


Bulgaria is a beautiful country that's often overlooked by tourists. Bulgaria is a great budget-friendly destination.


Hungary is known for its rich cultural heritage and beautiful architecture. Visit the historic Buda Castle.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is located in the heart of Europe and is known for its beautiful architecture and rich history.


Portugal is a popular tourist destination for its sunny beaches, delicious seafood, and rich history.


Greece is a beautiful country that's steeped in history and mythology. Visit the Acropolis in Athens, explore the stunning beaches of Santorini;


Turkey is a country that's known for its beautiful architecture, rich history, and delicious cuisine.


Slovakia is a country that's full of natural beauty, with stunning mountain ranges, lakes, and caves.