10 Curd Recipes to fight off Summer heat

Curd Rice

A popular South Indian dish made with rice, curd, and spices.

Fruit and Curd Smoothie

A refreshing and healthy smoothie made with curd and mixed fruits like mango, banana, and strawberry.


A popular Indian side dish made with curd, cucumber, and spices.

Curd Sandwich

A healthy and filling sandwich made with curd, vegetables, and bread.

Dahi Bhalla

A popular street food in India made with lentil balls, curd, and chutney.


A traditional Punjabi drink made with curd, sugar, and spices.

Curd Popsicle

A fun and healthy summer treat made with curd, fruit, and honey.

Curd Dosa 

A delicious and healthy breakfast option made with rice flour, curd, and spices.

Curd Chaat

A tangy and spicy snack made with curd, vegetables, and chutney.

Curd Rice Pudding

A creamy and delicious dessert made with rice, curd, and sugar.