10 Gujarati Dishes that Can be Made in 5 Minutes

Masala chai

A classic Gujarati tea made with milk, tea leaves, and a blend of aromatic spices.

Khaman dhokla 

A steamed snack made from gram flour, flavored with green chilies and tempered with mustard seeds.


A simple yet nutritious one-pot meal made from rice and lentils, flavored with a blend of spices.

Dhokla sandwich

A quick and easy snack made by layering slices of khaman dhokla with green chutney and sliced vegetables.


A popular Gujarati flatbread made with wheat flour, spices, and fenugreek leaves.

Sev tameta nu shaak

A spicy tomato-based curry made with crispy fried sev.

Gujarati dal 

A sweet and tangy lentil soup made with pigeon peas, flavored with ginger and garlic.

Kachumber salad

A refreshing salad made with chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and cilantro, dressed with lemon juice and spices.


A gluten-free flatbread made with millet flour, flavored with spices and ghee.


A popular street food snack made with a potato filling and served with sweet and spicy chutneys, sev, and peanuts.