10 Most Popular Things Invented In India

Zero (0)

India's ancient mathematicians developed the concept of zero, revolutionizing mathematics.


Originating in ancient India, yoga has become a worldwide practice for physical and mental well-being.


India's traditional system of medicine, emphasizing holistic healing and natural remedies.


The ancient Indian game of Chaturanga evolved into modern chess as we know it today.

Cotton cultivation

India's historical contribution to cotton cultivation revolutionized the textile industry.

Sushruta Samhita

An ancient surgical text that laid the foundation for modern surgery.

Cataract surgery

Ancient Indian surgeons pioneered techniques for cataract removal.

Decimal system

Indian mathematicians introduced the decimal system to the world.

Herbal shampoo

India's traditional use of herbs-inspired natural shampoo formulations.


India has been a hub for producing and exporting various spices used worldwide.