10 Quick and Easy Diwali Decoration Ideas for Your Home


Create colorful rangoli designs at your doorstep using colored rice, flower petals, or rangoli powder.

Diyas and Candle

Place diyas (clay lamps) and decorative candles around your home to add a warm, festive glow.

Fairy Light

Hang fairy lights around your entryway, balconies, or living room for a magical ambiance.


Decorate your doorways with vibrant and traditional torans (door hangings).

Flower Garland

Use marigold or rose garlands to drape around door frames and windows.

Paper Lanterns

Hang paper lanterns with intricate designs for a festive touch.

Floating Candles

Place floating candles in bowls of water with flower petals for an elegant centerpiece.

Wall Hangings

Adorn your walls with decorative wall hangings or tapestries in bright colors.

Cushion Covers

Change your cushion covers to vibrant, Diwali-themed patterns.

Table Centerpiece

Create a stunning table centerpiece with flowers, candles, and incense sticks.

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