10 Remarkable  Female Scientists Who Represent Indian History: 

Asima Chatterjee (1917-2006) 

She was also the first woman to be elected as the General President of the Indian Science Congress, a premier institution that oversees scientific research. 

Rajeshwari Chatterjee (1922-2010) 

d as a venerable educator.  she guided 20 Ph.D students while publishing over 100 research papers and seven books on Microwave Engineering and Antennas.

Kamala Sohonie  (1912-1998) 

Kamala Sohonie took only 14 months to complete her thesis which consisted of just 40 pages.

Janaki Ammal  (1897-1984) 

She served as the Director-General of the BSI. 

Indira Hinduja  (b. 1949) 

Indira Hinduja is an Indian gynecologist, obstetrician and infertility  specialist based in Mumbai. 

Aditi Pant (b. 1950) 

 She pursued her PhD in Physiology in Marine Algae from the Westfield College in University of London. 

Charusita Chakravarty (1964-2016) 

In 2009 she was conferred Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize for Science and Technology in the field of chemical science.  

Anandibai Joshi  (1865-1887) 

she graduated with an MD on 11 March 1886; the topic of her thesis was "Obstetrics among the Aryan Hindoos". 

Gagandeep Kang  (b. 1962) 

A clinical scientist and researcher in microbiology, she is well-known for her inter-disciplinary research and work on the development and use of vaccines for prevention of enteric infections in India. 

Tessy Thomas  (b. 1963) 

She is former Project Director for Agni-IV missile in Defence Research and Development Organisation.