6 Popular Languages For Ios App Development In 2023


Swift remains the primary language for iOS app development. It's known for its speed and safety features, making it a top choice for building robust and efficient applications. Apple's ongoing support and regular updates ensure its continued popularity.


While Swift has gained prominence, Objective-C is still relevant, especially for maintaining legacy iOS apps. Many older iOS apps were built using Objective-C, and developers with expertise in this language are in demand for app maintenance and updates.


React Native, a JavaScript framework, is widely used for cross-platform app development. It allows developers to write code once and deploy it on both iOS and Android platforms, making it a cost-effective choice for businesses targeting multiple platforms.


Flutter, powered by the Dart programming language, has gained popularity for its ability to create visually appealing, natively compiled applications. It offers a single codebase for iOS, Android, and even web apps, streamlining development efforts.

Kotlin (for iOS with Kotlin Multiplatform)

Kotlin, originally developed for Android, is making its way into iOS app development through Kotlin Multiplatform. It allows developers to share business logic between iOS and Android apps while maintaining platform-specific UI code.

C# (Xamarin)

Xamarin, a Microsoft-owned platform, enables developers to use C# for building cross-platform iOS apps. It provides access to native iOS APIs, ensuring a native look and feel for iOS applications.