7 Animals That Don't Sleep


Giraffes have a unique sleeping pattern where they only sleep for short periods of time, averaging about 30 minutes a day.


Dolphins are known to engage in unihemispheric sleep, which allows them to rest one hemisphere of their brain while the other remains awake.


Bullfrogs have been observed to go for extended periods without sleep, particularly during the breeding season.


These seabirds can stay airborne for long periods, sometimes even years, without landing or sleeping.


Elephants have short sleep cycles, often napping while standing up and resting their trunks on their tusks.


Cows have been observed to have brief episodes of sleep, but they spend the majority of their time in a wakeful state.

Certain Fish Specie

Some fish, such as the European eel and some shark species, have been found to exhibit reduced or no sleep patterns.