7 Best Roasted Foods You Should Eat In Monsoon 

Roasted Corn

A popular monsoon snack, roasted corn is delicious and easy to find.

Roasted Peanut

Enjoy the crunchy goodness of roasted peanuts on rainy days.

Roasted Sweet Potatoe

Nutritious and tasty, roasted sweet potatoes make a perfect monsoon treat.

Roasted Bhutta

Spiced and roasted Bhutta (corn on the cob) is a monsoon delight.

Roasted Papad

Crispy and flavorful roasted papad is a great accompaniment to your meals.

Roasted Chickpea

Healthy and protein-packed, roasted chickpeas make a delightful snack.

Roasted Paneer Tikka

Indulge in the delectable flavors of roasted paneer tikka during the monsoon.