7 Types Of Colourful Art To Try In Your Free Time

Watercolor Painting

Create beautiful, translucent artworks using watercolor paints. Experiment with various techniques like wet-on-wet and dry brushing.

Acrylic Pour Painting

This trendy technique involves pouring acrylic paints onto a canvas to create mesmerizing abstract patterns and designs.

Mosaic Art

Use small, colorful tiles, glass, or other materials to create intricate mosaic designs on surfaces like pots, tables, or even walls.

Oil Painting

Dive into the world of oil paints, known for their vibrant colors and rich textures. Explore traditional or contemporary styles.


A form of meditative doodling, Zentangle involves creating intricate, repetitive patterns and designs using fine pens or markers.

Digital Art

Embrace technology by creating art on a digital canvas using software like Adobe Photoshop or Procreate. It offers endless possibilities and vibrant colors.


Revive the '60s by tie-dyeing fabric with colorful dyes. Experiment with different folding and tying techniques to create unique patterns on clothing or textiles.