7 ways to use garlic to lose weight naturally

Raw Garlic Consumption

Incorporate raw garlic into your diet by adding it to salads, dressings, or consuming it on an empty stomach to boost metabolism and aid weight loss.

Garlic-infused Water

Crush a few cloves of garlic and steep them in warm water. Drink this garlic-infused water on an empty stomach to promote fat-burning and detoxification.

Garlic Capsules or Supplement

Take garlic supplements or capsules daily to benefit from its weight loss properties and improve overall health.

Garlic and Honey Mixture

Mix crushed garlic cloves with honey and consume this mixture daily to regulate blood sugar levels, suppress appetite, and aid weight loss.

Garlic in Cooking

Use garlic generously in your cooking to add flavor without adding extra calories. Its pungent taste can enhance the taste of dishes and aid in weight management.

Garlic Tea

Boil crushed garlic cloves in water and strain the mixture to make garlic tea. Drink this tea regularly to boost metabolism and aid digestion, facilitating weight loss.

Garlic with Lemon Juice

Mix crushed garlic with lemon juice and warm water. Drink this concoction in the morning to cleanse the digestive system, boost metabolism, and aid in weight loss.

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