9 Islands That Might Just Disappear In The Next 50 Years


This low-lying archipelago is highly vulnerable to sea level rise, putting its existence at risk.


A small Pacific island nation threatened by rising sea levels and extreme weather events.


Consisting of 33 atolls, this country is facing the challenges of coastal erosion and salinization.

Marshall Islands

Rising sea levels are threatening its communities and freshwater resources.


This Indian Ocean paradise is susceptible to coastal erosion and flooding due to climate change.

Solomon Island

With rising sea levels causing land loss and displacement, this nation is facing an uncertain future.

Carteret Islands

Part of Papua New Guinea, these islands are already experiencing the impacts of sea level rise.

Ghoramara Island

Located in the Sundarbans delta, it's severely affected by erosion and rising sea levels.


An Alaskan village facing coastal erosion and melting ice due to warming temperatures.