India's  Biggest Tourist Attractions Places

India's  Biggest Tourist Attractions Places

The Taj Mahal, Agra

Taj Mahal is also the world's most famous testimony to the power of love. Named after Mumtaz Mahal, the favorite wife of Emperor Shah Jahan. Beautiful of mausoleums was begun upon her death in 1631 and took 20,000 workmen until 1648 to complete.. Taj Mahal's reflection from the far bank of the Yamuna River-it makes for a memorable (and safe) selfie. 

Holy City Kashi of Varanasi

Varanasi is one of the oldest still inhabited cities in the world.  This holy city has long been associated with the mighty Ganges River, one of the faith's most important religious places. Kashi Vishwanath Temple, built in 1780. The New Vishwanath Temple with its seven separate temples is also of interest. 

Golden Temple of Amritsar

Founded in 1577 by Ram Das, Amritsar is an important hub of Sikh history and culture.  The main attraction here is Harmandir Sahib, opened in 1604 and still often referred to as the Golden Temple for its beautiful gold decoration. Visitors are welcome to participate – is the chance to enjoy one of the 50,000 free meals the attraction serves up to visitors each and every day. 


The Golden City of Jaisalmer is an oasis of splendid old architecture that rises from the sand dunes of the Thar Desert. Jaisalmer Fort, also known as the Golden Fort, a daunting 12th-century structure that rises high above the town.  1,000-year-old library, Gyan Bhandar, with its many 16th-century manuscripts and antiquities.  

The Red Fort, Delhi

Built by Shah Jahan in 1648 as the seat of Mughal power – a role it maintained until 1857 – the magnificent crescent-shaped Red Fort in New Delhi. The stunning red sandstone used in its construction,. Chatta Chowk, a 17th-century covered bazaar selling everything from jewelry to silk garments, as well as souvenirs and food items.   

The Gateway of India

26 meters tall and overlooking the Arabian Sea, the iconic Gateway of India is a must-see when in Mumbai.  Built to commemorate the arrival of King George V and his wife Queen Mary in 1911. The Gateway of India was also the scene of a rather less jubilant procession of British soldiers in 1948 when India gained its independence. 

Mecca Masjid

Hyderabad's Mecca Masjid, one of the world's largest mosques and one of the oldest in India. It's begun in 1614 during Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah's reign and took almost 80 years to complete.  This beautiful mosque's 15 enormous arches and pillars were each wrought from single slabs of black granite.

Mysore Palace

The sprawling city of Mysore is a delight to explore thanks to its eclectic mix of fine old colonial architecture; regal Indian palaces; and lush, well-manicured gardens.  The city's famous silk and sandalwood bazaars, the main attraction is magnificent Mysore Palace.  It's also where, on special occasions, the exquisite Golden Throne is exhibited. 

Mahabodhi Temple

Bodhgaya, considered the world's holiest Buddhist site, attracts thousands of visitors each year . The focal point of this place of pilgrimage is stunning Mahabodhi Temple, built next to the very spot where Buddha came to Enlightenment and formulated his philosophy on life.  The temple is topped with a beautiful pyramidal spire and houses a large gilded statue of Buddha.