India's Top 10 Most Popular Forest Treks

Known for its vibrant alpine flowers, this trek takes you through the stunning Valley of Flowers National Park.

Valley of Flowers Trek (Uttarakhand)

This challenging trek takes you to the mysterious Roopkund Lake, known for its skeletal remains and breathtaking views.

Roopkund Trek (Uttarakhand)

Offering panoramic views of the Himalayas, this trek takes you to the summit of Chandrashila Peak.

Chopta Chandrashila Trek (Uttarakhand)

This scenic trek leads you to the pristine Har Ki Dun Valley, surrounded by snow-capped peaks and lush forests.

Har Ki Dun Trek (Uttarakhand)

Located in the Western Ghats, this trek takes you to the second-highest peak in Karnataka, offering stunning views and diverse flora.

Kumara Parvatha Trek (Karnataka)

This popular trek in the Parvati Valley takes you to the natural hot springs of Kheerganga, amidst dense forests.

Kheerganga Trek (Himachal Pradesh)

Ideal for beginners, this trek offers panoramic views of the Himalayas and takes you to the Nag Tibba summit.

Nag Tibba Trek (Uttarakhand)

Passing through dense forests and meadows, this trek leads you to the highest Shiva temple at Tunganath and Chandrashila peak.

Tunganath Chandrashila Trek (Uttarakhand)

Known for its wildlife sanctuary, this trek offers stunning views of the Himalayan peaks and dense forests.

Binsar Trek (Uttarakhand)

This challenging trek takes you through the dense forests of the Kanchenjunga National Park to the stunning Goechala Pass.

Dzongri-Goechala Trek (Sikkim)