Places You Shouldn't Visit in India During Monsoon....

Rainfalls around the Kedarnath shrine are unpredictable, but when it rains it can result in a landslide, eventually forcing transportation to the mountain top. 


Every monsoon, this North Eastern state is hit with heavy rainfall resulting in floods and landslides. 


Cherrapunjee and Mawsynram , considered to be two of the wettest cities in the world, is a part of this state. 


Low-lying mountain range receives a decent amount of rainfall resulting in landslides and road blockage until we reach the valley. 

Spiti Valley

this state is highly influenced by the southwest monsoon and records around 150mm of rainfall every year. 


Sikkim's geographical location allows it to have a tropical climate along with being the most humid region in the whole range of Himalayas.


When the rainy season hits this coast, the beach shacks and huts, flea markets during the night, everything is pulled down and many parties are canceled due to torrential rains.