Top 10 Adventure Activities That You Can Do In Monsoon


Explore scenic trails in the Western Ghats, Himalayas, or other hilly regions to experience the beauty of nature during the rainy season.

White Water Rafting

Challenge the roaring rapids of rivers during the monsoon for an adrenaline-pumping experience. 

Waterfall Rappelling

Descend down gushing waterfalls using ropes and harnesses. This thrilling activity is best enjoyed during the monsoon when waterfalls are in full flow. 


Explore narrow canyons and water-carved gorges by rappelling down cliffs, sliding through water chutes, and swimming through natural pools. 

Wildlife Safari

Embark on a wildlife safari to national parks and sanctuaries that come alive during the monsoon. 


Paragliding is an exhilarating adventure activity that can be experienced in various destinations like Bir Billing, Kamshet, and Manali.


Glide through the air on a zipline and feel the rush of adrenaline. Enjoy the scenic beauty from above as you fly across valleys and forests. 


Experience the joy of camping amidst nature during the monsoon. Set up tents near lakes, rivers, or in the midst of forests to enjoy the cool weather.


Navigate through rivers, lakes, and backwaters in a kayak, enjoying the thrill of paddling against the water currents. 


Take on the muddy terrains and explore rugged landscapes by indulging in off-roading adventures.