Top 10 Countries with Highest Gold Reserves

United State

The United States holds the largest gold reserves in the world, primarily stored at Fort Knox, with a significant portion held by the U.S. Treasury.


Germany has the second-largest gold reserves in the world, and a substantial portion of its gold is stored at the Deutsche Bundesbank in Frankfurt.


Italy's gold reserves are the third-largest globally, and they are held in various locations, including the Bank of Italy in Rome.


France holds the fourth-largest gold reserves, and its gold is primarily stored in the Banque de France in Paris.


Russia has been steadily increasing its gold reserves and ranks fifth in the world. The Central Bank of Russia holds these reserves.


China has been actively adding to its gold reserves and ranks sixth globally. The People's Bank of China manages these reserves.


Switzerland is known for its banking sector, and it holds significant gold reserves, primarily in Swiss National Bank vaults.


Japan's gold reserves are the eighth-largest globally and are managed by the Bank of Japan.


The Netherlands ranks ninth in terms of gold reserves, with the Dutch Central Bank overseeing these reserves.


India's gold reserves are the tenth-largest globally, with a significant portion stored in the vaults of the Reserve Bank of India.