Top 10 Fitness Influencers in India

Shilpa Shetty Kundra

Known for her yoga and fitness routines, Shilpa Shetty Kundra inspires millions with her dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Milind Soman

A renowned model and athlete, Milind Soman advocates for fitness through his love for running and promotes a holistic approach to wellness.

Fitness Influencers

Rujuta Diwekar is a renowned nutritionist and author who focuses on sustainable eating habits and fitness, with clients including Bollywood celebrities.

Yasmin Karachiwala

A celebrity fitness trainer, Yasmin Karachiwala is known for her expertise in Pilates and has trained numerous Bollywood actors.

Guru Mann

With a focus on bodybuilding and fitness, Guru Mann provides training programs and nutrition advice through his YouTube channel and social media platforms.

Luke Coutinho

A holistic lifestyle coach, Luke Coutinho emphasizes a balanced approach to health, combining nutrition, fitness, and mental well-being.

Namrata Purohit

As a Pilates instructor and author, Namrata Purohit promotes the benefits of Pilates for overall fitness and strength.

Rajesh Sharma

Rajesh Sharma is a renowned fitness coach and motivational speaker who encourages individuals to adopt healthy habits through exercise and nutrition.

Sumeet Sahni

Sumeet Sahni is a fitness enthusiast and trainer who shares workout routines, diet tips, and motivational content through his social media platforms.

Ashwini Waskar

Ashwini Waskar is a fitness coach and influencer who inspires her followers with her fitness journey, sharing workout routines and lifestyle tips.