Top 10  Most Expensive Cities  in India

Mumbai: The City of Dream

Mumbai had to grow vertically, leading to higher demand and a much higher density of population  Luxury Dining In Mumbai: Lotus Root and Celery Dim Sum, Beijing Duck, and many more luxurious feasts can wallow in the stellar luxury Taj Hotel, Mumbai. 

Delhi: The City of Heart

New Delhi, the capital of India, is best known for its expansive spaces, parks, and delicious street food.  Delhi has become the costliest city in India. While Delhi was second to Mumbai in the 2017 Mercer Rankings, at 99, it also recorded the steepest rise to 31 places. 

Chennai: Gateway of South India

India’s fifth-largest metropolis is also the third most expensive city in India. Areas like Boat Club Road, Poes Garden, and Adyar are known for their luxury properties. 

Bengaluru: The IT capital of India

Bengaluru is a beautiful combination of chaos and hope, glamour and peace, modernity, and tradition.  Bangaluru has the top most luxury hotels in India.  Bangaluru streets and malls are full of international brands. 

Kolkata: The City of Palace

Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, has a long history of luxury living.  Areas like Alipore, Ballygunge, and Salt Lake City are popular among affluent residents.  Due to a very high population, there is a rise in almost everything, turning Kolkata rank among the costliest cities in India. 

Pune: The Queen of Deccan

The higher transport and rental costs make Pune India’s seventh-largest city in terms of living  costs.  Pune boasts of a higher quality of life compared to both Mumbai and Delhi, according to recent estimates. 

Hyderabad: The City of Pearl

India’s major cities, Hyderabad is not only the least expensive city in India to live in, but it is also the top city . Hyderabad is home to a robust IT industry and corresponding services such as Internet and connectivity, as well as significantly lower rental and food prices.

Ahmedabad: Boston of India

Ahmedabad scores are high in terms of the low cost of utilities (such as the Internet) and transport.  Ahmedabad is the most expensive city in India in terms of the quality of available housing,. Most of the billionaires are from Ahmedabad like AchalBakeri, Chairman & MD of Symphony. 

Jaipur: Paris of India

Pink City, the capital of the royal state of Rajasthan, has been ruled by the Rajputs for many centuries.  It is also popular for its various forts and is one of the largest metropolitan cities in the country. 

Chandigarh: The Beautiful City

Chandigarh is the city to be in if you want a combination of fresh air, natural surroundings, and urban living.  Luxury vacations in Chandigarh ensure that no element of lavishness is missed during the trip.