Top 10 Most Expensive Types  of  Cows in  the World 

Holstein Friesian 

These black and white cows can fetch a high price, especially if they come from a long line of cows with great dairy production. 


The highest-quality Wagyu, known as Kobe beef, can command incredibly high prices. 


This Scottish breed is known for its meat quality and is often used in crossbreeding to improve meat quality in other breeds 


Charolais cattle are often used in crossbreeding for meat production. 


They are used in many crossbreeding programs, and high-quality specimens can be quite expensive. 


Another French breed, the Limousin is often crossbred with other cattle breeds for its meat quality. 


Originating in Switzerland, these cows are known for their milk and meat production. 

Texas Longhorn

These cattle are prized for their hardiness, long lifespan, and meat quality.


Which contains a high percentage of butterfat.


This breed from India is known for its milk production and is often used in dairy farming.