Top 10 Pomegranate Producing States In India


Known for its extensive cultivation, Maharashtra is one of the leading pomegranate-producing states in India.

Andhra Pradesh

With its favorable climatic conditions, Andhra Pradesh is a major contributor to India's pomegranate production.


The state of Karnataka is renowned for its high-quality pomegranates, grown in various regions.


Gujarat's pomegranate orchards thrive in its suitable agro-climatic zones, making it a significant producer.


Despite challenging conditions, Rajasthan has emerged as a prominent state in pomegranate cultivation.

Tamil Nadu

Pomegranate cultivation in Tamil Nadu has gained prominence, particularly in certain districts of the state.

Madhya Pradesh

With the expansion of pomegranate orchards, Madhya Pradesh has witnessed a rise in its production.


Punjab's agricultural expertise extends to pomegranate farming, contributing significantly to the country's production.

Uttar Pradesh

The state of Uttar Pradesh is gradually increasing its pomegranate cultivation and output.


Telangana has seen substantial growth in pomegranate cultivation, making it one of the key producing states in India.