Top Exercise To Torch  Your  Inner Thighs.

Sumo Squats 

Sumo squats specifically target the adductor muscles of the inner thighs. 

Side Lunges

Regularly performing side lunges can contribute to better hip joint function and range of motion. 

Inner Thigh Lifts

Inner thigh lifts require proper body alignment and posture to perform correctly. 

Side-lying Leg Press 

Side-lying leg press could involve engaging the back muscles, to stabilize the spine and pelvis. 

Inner Thigh Squeeze 

The inner thigh muscles play an important role in hip stability.  Which can be beneficial for overall movement and joint health. 

Pilates Scissor

This exercise can help improve postural alignment by promoting better spinal posture and alignment. 

Plie Squat Jumps

Plie squat jumps are a high-intensity exercise that elevates your heart rate. It is an effective cardiovascular conditioning exercise.