Uncovering the Truth: Common Myths About Indian History

Aryan Invasion

Many believe the Aryan race invaded India, but recent studies in language, genes, and ancient sites show this theory is incorrect.

Mughal Ruler

People often think Mughals were cruel, but they actually supported art, architecture, and culture, adding to India's rich history.

Ancient India's Connection

India has been linked to the world through trade and cultural sharing for ages, proven by the Indus Valley Civilization's trade relations.

Caste System

The caste system changed over time and was not always based on birth or job, making it less rigid than people believe.

India's Lesser-Known Period

The time between the Maurya and Gupta empires is thought to be chaotic, but it was a period of growth in art, science, and culture.

Questionable Science Claim

India has many scientific achievements, but some, like ancient flying machines, need more evidence to be considered true.

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