Why  arrange marriage famous in  India ?

Cultural Tradition 

In India, marriage is not just seen as a union between two individuals but also as a union between two families.  Arranged marriages are often seen as a way to maintain cultural tradition and familial lineage. 

Social Compatibility 

Families often believe that they are better equipped to evaluate the compatibility between. It's not just the individuals getting married but also the families. Compatibility is often considered in terms of social status, caste, and sometimes even astrology.  

Economic Considerations 

Arranged marriages often take into account the economic stability and prospects of the match.   Families may see it as a way to ensure financial security. 

Parental Involvement  

In traditional Indian society, parents often hold authority in decision-making. Children may defer to their parents' choices out of respect. Parents often feel responsible for finding a suitable life partner for their children.  

Social Pressure 

There is often social pressure to conform to tradition.  Individuals may opt for arranged marriages because it is the norm within their community. 

Conservatism and Modesty 

In conservative sections of Indian society, dating may not be as socially acceptable. Arranged marriages can be seen as a more modest and family-oriented approach to finding a life partner.