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Sauravsingh Tomar

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Hello, I'm Saurav Singh, a Techpreneur, Trader, and the founder of the House of Cre8r and Seben Capital. Our group of innovative companies serves over a million users, including The Awaken Buddha. When I'm not running my businesses, I'm an introvert who enjoys delving into books and sharing insights on finance, tech, and life. I'm constantly seeking fresh ideas to stay ahead of the game.
99 Life Lessons From Charlie Munger
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99 Life Lessons from Charlie Munger

"In 'Life Lessons from Charlie Munger,' we encounter a wealth of straightforward, impactful advice that cuts through the noise of our everyday lives. Munger’s approach to life, distilled into these lessons, emphasizes the importance of clear thinking, patience, and learning from the inevitable mistakes we all make.