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17 Illustrations Depicting the Everyday Realities and Joys of Motherhood

Explore 17 heartwarming illustrations capturing the essence of motherhood. From the chaos of daily routines to tender moments of joy, these artworks vividly showcase the real, unfiltered journey of being a mom.
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Yulia Enslinger is a remarkable mom who tackles challenges with grace and a sense of humor. She has a unique way of sharing her experiences – through comics. Her Instagram page has become a popular spot where thousands of mothers gather to share a laugh, find camaraderie, and discuss the relatable, often humorous aspects of caring for a baby.

At Bright Side, we were captivated by the honesty and positivity in Yulia’s comics. They brilliantly blend humor, irony, and the objective reality of motherhood. We’re excited to share her work with our readers. Whether you’re currently on maternity leave or reminiscing about those early years with your little ones, Yulia’s comics offer a delightful mix of smiles and nostalgia. They remind us that while the tough times may fade, the joyful memories of your baby’s first years are cherished forever.


 am impressed by mothers who manage to return to their pre-pregnancy physique after childbirth. It is even more remarkable to see those who go beyond this and achieve an even more toned and defined figure. Their dedication and motivation are certainly admirable.

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I recently pondered the sensory experience of breastfeeding from the perspective of a newborn.

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Just another day walking the baby around the room for the 5th time. Is there a “husband on demand” service.

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My son’s nails seem to grow incredibly quickly, but maybe that’s just my perception.

Image 5

Dear mothers, the weekend can often feel like just another day on the hamster wheel of responsibilities.

Image 6

My father-in-law often jokes that we need to start bolting everything down, furniture included! The flowerpots used to be happily perched on the windowsill until the moment Felix discovered his newfound ability to reach.

Image 7

It is an undeniable truth that children require constant supervision. Their boundless curiosity and impulsive nature can lead them into unexpected and potentially dangerous situations.

Image 8
Image 9

It seems like the word “NO!” has become Felix’s new favorite word. He says it to everything, no matter what it is.

Felix has me wrapped around his little finger, and the precious moments when he calls “Mama” are few and far between. Yet, the other morning, my slumbering ears, shielded by earplugs, missed the magic call. Thankfully, my husband’s keen hearing picked it up, and he delivered me the sweetest surprise – Felix, eager to start our day.

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The broken cup might hold sentimental value, reminding you of a cherished memory or loved one. Seeing it shattered can evoke feelings of sadness, loss, or even anger.

Image 11
Image 12

Yesterday, a piercing cry shattered the usual symphony of my son’s sounds. Though he’d cried before, this scream was different, a raw, primal expression of anguish that I’d never heard from him before.

Image 13

Helping kids is definitely cool! Seeing them take initiative and want to contribute is heartwarming. But sometimes, their helpfulness can be…well, interesting.

Take my little superman for example. Right after finishing his morning chores, he rushes to the washing machine, eager to lend a hand. But here’s the thing: he has two very distinct ideas of what “helping” means.

Image 14

But sometimes, amidst the chaos and the whirlwind that is life with a toddler, a moment of unexpected peace descends.

Image 15

While some aspects of teaching a baby inevitably involve physical interaction, minimizing the risk of injury to both you and the baby is definitely achievable!

Image 16

A recent interaction from our life.

Image 17

Do all moms love their kids?

Please tell us about your motherhood experience. Did you experience the situations that Yulia depicted?

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