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Discover how to purchase stocks on eToro.

Discover how to purchase stocks on eToro. We review all suggested products and services on our own. If…
Discover How To Purchase Stocks On Etoro.

Discover how to purchase stocks on eToro.

We review all suggested products and services on our own. If you click on the links we give, we might get paid. Find out more.

This broker has made it easier to invest. Now, you can buy shares on eToro directly from X (formerly Twitter) with just one click when you search for a ticker symbol. You can also use the eToro app to research analysts, investors, and copy traders. This partnership with X makes social investing more accessible, making it quicker to act on ideas.

However, eToro is also making it easier for new traders and investors in other ways. Since it started, the eToro platform has been finding new ways to help people get into trading and investing.

How to Buy Stocks on eToro

New updates to the platform make it possible for users to start owning stocks on eToro within minutes. Once you’re in, you can research and connect with millions of other users and even copy their investment choices. But can investors gain from the collective knowledge of many people?

Before you can see for yourself, you’ll need to sign up for an account. Here’s a simple guide to getting started as an investor with eToro.

Step 1: Open an eToro account. Creating an account is fast and easy, especially if you use your smartphone and sign in with Apple, Facebook, or Google. You can access the platform once you’ve confirmed your identity with two-factor authentication. But even if you prefer to take your time during the signup process, it doesn’t take long to get to the point where you can start trading.

Step 2: Log in to your eToro account. eToro makes it quicker to access the platform by splitting the login process from account verification. This helps the company identify new users and let them start using the platform immediately. New users still need to verify their account via email or text before adding funds, but they can log in within seconds.

Step 3: Verify your account. Whether you log in through your smartphone or a web browser, eToro will try to verify you with a text message if you have a smartphone. After this, you can answer questions about your trading knowledge, goals, and how much risk you’re comfortable with.

Step 4: Fund your account. After confirming your account, you can add money for trading by connecting a bank account to transfer funds. The quickest method is using the secure Plaid service to link your bank account. In the U.S. or U.K., you can transfer as little as $10; in other countries, you might need to deposit at least $50. Using Plaid can get you ready to trade in just minutes.

Step 5: Research and select a stock to trade. The platform has many tools to help you research stocks, like price charts, company information, analyst ratings, and a social media feed with user comments. These tools can help you decide which stock to trade and plan when to buy and sell. Once you’ve found the right stock for your portfolio, you can place an order.

Step 6: Place an order. When you click the “Trade” button, a box pops up where you can specify all the details to start a trade. You can decide how much you want to trade by entering a dollar amount or the number of shares. You can also choose to own fractional shares if you want.

You can choose whether to use leverage, set a price for your stop loss, and decide on your take-profit orders. Thinking carefully about each option can help you plan your trade better. After you fill out the box and click “Open Trade,” your order enters the market and gets filled as soon as possible. Market orders are usually filled in a few seconds, while limit orders might take longer.

Alternatively, you can start a CopyTrader trade. This means you allocate a certain amount of money to copy another trader’s trades. However, this type of trading might not be suitable for everyone, so make sure to research it well before you give it a try.

Minimum DepositStock Trade FeeAvailable Stock ScreenerCustomer Support Methods
eToro$10$0 YesMessage sent electronically using the internet.

List of frequently asked questions and their answers.
Webull $0$0 YesEmail, Live Chat, Phone, FAQ, Live Broker
Robinhood $0$0 NoEmail, FAQ, Phone (no incoming calls, app-based return call system only)

What You Need to Open an eToro Brokerage Account

The process of creating an account with eToro is easy. But you can speed it up by gathering your personal and financial details before you start.

Personal Information

You must provide the following information as you sign up and verify your account.

  • Full Name
  • Home Address
  • Birthplace
  • Nationality

It’s also helpful to have your government ID or passport number handy.

Financial Information

During the account opening process, you’ll need to give financial information such as:

  • Knowledge of trading
  • How often do you like to trade
  • Reason for trading
  • How comfortable you are with taking risks
  • Details about your bank account
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The Benefits of Trading on eToro

One major advantage of eToro is its easy-to-use global platform, which many users find appealing. This is important for social trading because it relies on input and participation from many people.

Feedback from other traders and investors improves the information you receive. Plus, CopyTraders lets you quickly benefit from other investors’ expertise. You can also check traders’ past performance and user feedback to find a strategy that fits your goals.

Another big benefit is eToro’s support for fractional shares. It lets any investor buy a fraction of a share, no matter the share’s price or the investor’s funds. Fractional shares can be bought for more than the $10 minimum deposit.

Finally, eToro’s cash management features help you make the most of your money, whether you want to grow it or keep it safe. The platform offers various investment options, such as stocks and cryptocurrencies.


1. What Are Stocks?

Ans: Stock shares represent ownership in a company. When investors buy a share, they own a piece of the company. This might mean they get a share of the company’s profits as dividends and the right to vote for the board of directors in elections.

The value of a company’s stock is decided by the buying and selling that happens on an exchange. It’s like a real-time auction, where the last traded price is the current price.

Investors decide how much to pay for stocks based on the company’s current financial performance, prospects, industry trends, and how other investors feel about it.

2. What Is eToro?

Ans: eToro is a unique trading platform that offers a social trading experience. Through eToro’s social trading network, users can check out and copy the trades of experienced investors for cryptocurrencies, stocks, and ETFs.

The platform’s easy-to-use design helps investors find trading ideas or traders they want to follow to make their trades quickly. The broker works in over 140 countries, showing its popularity with many users.

3. Can You Trade After Hours on eToro?

Ans: eToro lets you trade stocks after regular hours from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. ET during the post-market session. You can also trade two hours before the market opens before the opening bell. And for assets like commodities or cryptocurrencies, you can trade anytime, day or night, where it’s allowed.

4. Can You Buy Tesla Stock on eToro?

Ans: To trade TSLA stock on eToro, you must first open an account and verify your identity. Once your account is ready, you can use eToro’s tools to analyze TSLA’s stock using both fundamental and technical analysis. The platform provides detailed information on TSLA’s financial performance and real-time market data.

To buy TSLA shares on eToro, go to the stocks menu, find or search for “TSLA,” and click on the ticker symbol to see the chart and other info. Then, click the “Trade” button and specify your order details. Managing risks and doing thorough research before trading on eToro or any other platform is important. ny other platform.

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